Jacksonville Nursing Home Loses License

Some people writing into News4Jax.com say it is about time. The Glenwood Nursing Center, in the Arlington section of Jacksonville, has lost its license to operate after receiving poor reviews from the state. The Florida Agency for Health Care Administration revoked the license after years of poor reviews. That means 106 residents will need to find a new place to live by the time the facility closes its doors for good on August 26.

A report card from May gave the center poor grades for quality of care, quality of life, and dignity. The report card says the center doesn’t do a good enough job of preventing residents from hurting other patients and themselves. Lawyers representing the owner of Glenwood have filed an appeal to extend the deadline.

Relatives of the residents who talked to News4 seemed surprised that the doors will close and said they never saw any problems. Lois Craig says she never felt her husband, Gordon, was in any danger at all. “To move him would be awful because I don’t know what to do next.”

Florida residents have a right to be protected from harm, both mental and physical, according to Florida Statute 440.022(O). The facility must do more than provide care. Some of the duties of a nursing home include protecting patients from other patients who tend to act out. That can be one unfortunate result of dementia.

Reportedly over the years, the facility has not removed the violent offenders from the general population. In some cases, patients acting out have been reported to use their wheelchairs to hurt others. A failure to intervene is an indication of negligence in the training of employees which usually begins at the top. The state was also alarmed at the number of falls some of the elderly experienced, including multiple falls, which can lead to broken bones and a lifetime of pain and disability.

Thankfully the state has finally agreed to intervene. If you or a loved one believe that abuse and neglect is occurring in a nursing facility, and especially if the owners or supervisors don’t seem to be responsive, an experienced Florida nursing home abuse attorney may be your best avenue to have an unacceptable situation resolved. It is important to speak with us as soon as you suspect a loved one might be in danger to get them out of harm’s way. You are also advised to gather whatever evidence you can. Our doors are always open for a comprehensive and complimentary consultation.