Jacksonville Negligent Security of Apartment Leads to Death of Young Man

According to a report, 22-year-old Antonio Creech was visiting his sister at the Eureka Gardens apartments two days before Christmas 2007 when he was shot and killed along with another man.

Now his parents, James and Cheryl Creech have filed a Florida premises liability lawsuit against the property owner, Flagship Property Managers. They say money won’t do anything to change the fact that they’d rather see their son again.

Antonio had never been in the trouble with the law. He loved playing football and played the trumpet in his high school band. James says about his wife, “I can’t do nothing for her but hold her.”

Flagship had a problem property. There had been seven murders in seven months. Even with the violence, there was no security, no gates, no guard and not enough lighting. A property owner has an obligation to keep anyone visiting or living on the property safe.

Flagship failed to establish security policies and procedures or work with law enforcement or independent consults to ensure that the property is as safe as it can be. That certainly would include adequate lighting, gates and security patrols and security systems including closed-circuit TV and alarm systems.

As the family attorney, I would also determine whether Flagship did any screening of tenants and whether they warned new tenants about the security problem or criminal activity nearby. If they gave any conflicting impressions to tenants that the place was safe, they are on the hook with that history.

There should be an effort to investigate the industry standards for security at similar types of commercial properties. Crime statistics from nearby properties should be collected and analyzed and presented to a jury.

We wish the family the best as they try to get on with their lives. A lawsuit brings little comfort at the end of the day for the family; however, it might make it right for another person’s family. If you or someone you care about has been injured or even killed from negligent security in Florida, the skilled Jacksonville personal injury lawyers at Farah and Farah are here to answer your questions and help you develop your case. Please call 1-800-533-3555 for a free consultation.