Jacksonville Mayo Radiology Tech Pleads Guilty to Spreading Hepatitis C

A radiology technician who worked at the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville has pled guilty to spreading Hepatitis C. The technician, who has hepatitis C, admitted in court that he stole syringes of Fentanyl – a powerful narcotic pain medication – injected himself, then refilled the syringes with saline and reused them on patients.

The tampering occurred between 2006-2008 at the Mayo Clinic’s interventional radiology unit. As a result of the tampering, at least three Mayo patients contracted Hepatitis C. One patient was a liver transplant patient who battled the disease for nearly four years before he died as a result of complications.

The technician was arrested in August of 2010 in connection with the tampering after a 31/2-year investigation into a mysterious outbreak of Hepatitis C at Mayo revealed him as the source. Thousands of patients were warned of possible exposure. A wrongful death lawsuit was filed in November of 2010 by the widow of the man who died as a result of the infection.

According to firstcoastnews.com, the attorney for the widow said that he couldn’t understand how the technologist could have had access to the Fentanyl. He also stated, “It is difficult to believe that this process could go on for so many years without detection.”

In May of 2011, another employee was caught stealing Fentanyl and was fired.

The convicted technician now faces a maximum penalty of life in federal prison.

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