Jacksonville Bus Accident Injures 6 Students

This story could have had deadly consequences and it all happened during the morning rush hour.

Six students were injured when a school bus was struck by a SUV Thursday morning. Just after 9 a.m. police were called to the collision at the intersections of Firestone and Melvin Road in Jacksonville.

A flashing four-way intersection with a red light stopped the bus driver and police say he was proceeding into the intersection when the black SUV entered the intersection running the red light and plowing into the side of the bus.

Among the 30 students on the bus from Jefferson Davis Middle School, six were transported to area hospitals, as well as the bus driver, and two adults in the SUV. The conditions of all of those hurt in the auto accident in Jacksonville are reported to be minor.

The accident was only a quarter mile from the school, so the rest of the students walked while the road was closed as police pieced together the collision.

This Florida bus accident accident serves as a reminder – in the presence of a school bus, drivers need to show extra caution and slow down in case that stop arm comes out of the bus. Even if it is the early morning rush hour, perhaps especially if it is the early morning rush hour.

At a flashing red light, always stop, not slow down, but stop. Yellow means you show caution and slow down. Imagine if a student has just disembarked.

This driver should be heavily ticketed and thankful that no one was seriously injured.

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