Jacksonville Beach Golf Melee Leaves Two Injured

What was supposed to be a fun-filled bachelor party at a local Jacksonville Beach public golf course ended in a battle royale involving a 61-year-old golfer ramming his golf cart into the revelers, injuring two in the group.

It started harmlessly enough when six friends got together to play golf to celebrate the May 5 wedding of the groom-to-be. Some of them had just learned to golf and some had imbibed at a local bar before joining the mid-afternoon outing – although they claim that none of them were intoxicated.

An older foursome of golfers – two men and two women – caught behind the partygoers were less than pleased with the progress the younger group was making on the course and complained that they were malingering on the greens and holding up their game.

Words were exchanged and golf balls were thrown and it ended with the 61-year-old golfer allegedly getting into his cart and barreling into the group of young golfers.

“He drove the cart as fast as it could go,” a witness told The Florida Times Union.

According to one of the injury victims, not only was his leg run over by the speeding cart, but the attacker also grabbed a golf club and broke it over his head. The elder golfer was allegedly going back for another club when he was subdued and eventually arrested. One of the bachelor party golfers was taken to the hospital and treated, while another victim was treated on the scene.

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