Jacksonville Beach Crash Kills One Woman

A 53-year old woman was killed Thursday night driving in Jacksonville Beach. According to an article, the woman was on Butler Boulevard on the east side of the Intracoastal Bridge about 10:30 pm when she lost control of her vehicle. She then hit a retaining wall and slid across two lanes of traffic, then slammed into another wall. Friends commenting on the local news web site say there is no way that drugs or alcohol were involved. There is no word on whether she was wearing a seat belt or why she might have lost control of her vehicle. Sadly, the female driver died at the scene of the auto accident in Jacksonville Beach.

Our condolences go out to the family of this woman. Apparently two other people were injured in a separate crash right after the woman died from hitting the retaining wall, but the news report doesn’t say if that crash was related.

Without any more information on this circumstance, we can only assume that something distracted the woman, or she became ill, or perhaps the road conditions led to this crash.
When it is raining out, as it has been frequently this summer, there is a thin film of water on the road that can mean tires have less traction. That is the leading cause of hydroplaning. That is why the Florida Highway Patrol says always slow down in the rain. Not only do you not see as well, but once you start hydroplaning, if you brake suddenly or turn the wheel, you could lose control even more and skid, causing a crash.

If you find yourself out of control in rainy situations, slowly release the gas pedal and steer straight until the car can find some traction. Tap the brake only lightly if you must, and do not panic.

The bridge over the Intracoastal is rough in that area and while water is supposed to run off the sides of the road, it can be found in standing puddles. And of course, turn off the cruise control in the rain. If you hydroplane, the cruise control could actually cause your car to accelerate.
At Farah and Farah, always advise clients to make sure they have tires with adequate tread, as that is exactly when they need them. Again our condolences go out to this woman’s family and to the others who were hurt that night.

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