Jacksonville Arrests For Stolen Car Scam

Six people have been arrested for stealing vehicles stripping them for parts or changing their identity for resale. Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office arrested the six as part of what’s commonly known as a “chop shop.”

As part of Operation Blue Crush, the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office cracked down on the salvagers who bought a stolen car from undercover sheriff’s deputies. In all of the 10 different salvage operations that were visited, two businesses bought the cars without title of ownership.

The Florida legislature recently passed a new law making it illegal for salvage companies to accept a car for scrap metal or to strip it for parts unless it has the title to the vehicle.

That makes it less likely that the car is stolen, unless someone keeps the title in the glove box. That is a departure from the past where a salvage yard would break the car down, use the metal or crush it with no title. It is not impossible to fake a title so this is not foolproof.

The law also addresses a method car thieves were turning to on Craigslist. Advertising is a way to buy cars without requiring the title. The new law makes such advertisements against the law.

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