Infant, Two Others Injured After Tree Falls on Jacksonville House

Three people were injured inside a Jacksonville home after a large tree, which was being cut down nearby, fell on the roof and caused it to collapse.

The grandmother of the homeowner told The Florida Times-Union that she was walking outside with her daughter-in-law when she heard a loud crash above the house. She claims that C & L Tree Service of Jacksonville had been working on cutting a tree down near her daughter’s house on Spring Grove Avenue near West 26th Street when the tree came down on the roof.

She panicked as she remembered that her grandchild had been upstairs in a swinging seat in the house. She immediately ran back to the house, rushed upstairs, and found that “the whole top of the roof was caved in.”

The grandchild and the woman’s two sons were taken to Shands in Jacksonville for treatment of their injuries. The Florida Times-Union did not have any information concerning the condition of the victims, although police did indicate that the injuries were not life threatening.

According to the grandmother, at least one of the tree service employees got back into the company truck and fled the scene.

As to how the accident happened, the grandmother could only offer conjecture. “I guess they were cutting the tree and they cut it from the wrong side and instead of it falling one way, it fell the other.”

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