High School Football Catastrophic Head Injuries on the Rise

Florida TBI AccidentA sports injury research center that collects data on catastrophic football injuries has reported that the year 2011 was the worst year in a quarter of a century for long-lasting brain injuries among high school and youth football players. According to FloridaToday.com, the report claims this is a “major problem.”

The National Center for Catastrophic Sports Injury Research, based at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill, reports that although deaths from football-related brain injuries have decreased substantially over the decades, brain injuries with incomplete recovery have reached the double digits in three of the past four years.

According to the director of the research center, Frederick Mueller, better medical care on the field presents an unenviable two-edged sword. While fewer kids are dying from brain injuries, more kids are living with permanent brain damage as a result.

While Mueller acknowledges that football is a violent sport, he says that the threat of sustaining a catastrophic brain injury on the field can be reduced. To do this, he suggests that coaches need to implement better strengthening regimens and teach proper fundamentals; that parents and students must be informed about concussion symptoms; and that referees have to do a better job of enforcing the safety rules.

Many states, including Florida have rules stating that youth players showing any sign of a concussion must be removed from a game immediately and can’t return unless cleared by a health professional.

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