Florida Woman’s Arm, Leg Amputated After Pit Bull Attack

Investigators are still unraveling the facts behind a vicious pit bull attack that resulted in an Orange County woman having her arm amputated below the elbow and her leg amputated below the knee.

A 30-year-old man told deputies that he brought the woman to his home and that the pit bull, named ‘Feisty’, attacked her when she stepped inside. He readily admitted that he then fled and closed the door behind him, leaving the woman in the house to get mauled. He claimed that he didn’t want to be close to the dog because, “[the pit bull] scares me to death.”

According to the Sun Sentinel, authorities have since found out that although the man had once lived at the residence, he wasn’t living there when the attack took place. He is currently in jail on a misdemeanor charge of culpable negligence in connection with the attack and now faces an additional charge of burglary of an occupied building – which is a felony.

The dog, which is currently in animal services custody, has a history of attacking people. Investigators have tracked down at least three previous attacks, the latest being the 2-year-old nephew of the dog’s owner. Nothing came of the attack reports because inconsistent and incomplete witness information derailed the Investigations, according to Orange County Animal Services.

Serious Injury Dog Attacks Are On the Rise

A 2010 study revealed that the number of Americans hospitalized for dog bites has almost doubled over a 15-year period and that the cost for dog-bite related hospitalization is nearly 50 percent higher than the average injury-related hospital stay.

Helping Dog Bite Injury Victims

A dog attack can cause serious injury, maiming, and death. If you have been injured because of a dog attack, the Orange County, FL dog bite attorneys at Farah & Farah will work tirelessly to see that you are compensated for all damages you may have suffered. Call us today at (800) 533-3555 to discuss your options.

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