Florida Highway Vehicle Crash Injures 4

An early morning pile-up auto accident in Florida on Interstate 4 Monday has left a Florida Highway Patrol (FHP) trooper and three others injured, according to an account.

A tractor-trailer driver of Orlando was driving westbound when the FHP says he approached a construction zone around 2 a.m. A FHP trooper was in his car and had his emergency blue lights flashing to ensure that drivers slowed down from the road construction ahead. He was between two construction trucks that also had flashing arrows and all were reported to be moving slowly in the center lane.

Instead of slowing down, the semi hit a construction vehicle which then hit a FHP trooper’s vehicle, which then ran into another construction truck.

The truck driver, the FHP officer, and two construction workers are in serious condition.

We are very sorry that someone in law enforcement doing his job was hurt in the line of work as were those who work to make our roads better. It is dangerous work and we wish everyone injured a speedy recovery.

FHP will question whether at any time the truck driver applied his brakes. If not, he may have fallen asleep and faces losing his commercial license and could be charged.

Driver fatigue is a major factor in Florida tractor-trailer accidents. The Department of Transportation (DOT) limits the number of hours a driver may be behind the wheel to 11-hours after 10 consecutive hours off duty. The hours must be kept in the driver’s log.

However, many truck drivers are pushed to drive extra hours when they have not had enough rest so the trucking companies can maximize their profits. Let’s hope this investigation does not stop with the driver, but goes all the way to the top including an investigation into the driver’s log sheets and electronic data onboard the rig. We need to know what happened and why.

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