Florida Has Third Highest Rate for No Health Insurance

According to Census data released Tuesday, September 13, Florida has the third highest number of people who went without health insurance for the past three years. With a national average of just under 16 percent, almost 21 percent of the state’s residents do not have health insurance and did not over the last three years.

Texas and New Mexico are the only two states whose rate of uninsured residents exceeds the number of uninsured in Florida.

This article in the Pensacola News Journal says Escambia County’s uninsured rate is even higher at about 25 percent. With Florida at one of the highest unemployment rates in the country, 10.7 percent in July, it makes sense that there is a corresponding lack of health insurance since many are covered through their work. Back in 2007-2008 the uninsured rate was 19.6 percent.

Florida has historically had a lower number of insured residents because the amusement park industry and service jobs are not required to provide health insurance to workers.

Health Insurance and Workers’ Compensation
Health insurance along with workers’ compensation are two benefits that many employees enjoy as a result of having a job. While fewer employers are offering health insurance, most employers who have four or more workers, or construction jobs, must offer workers’ compensation to their employers in case they are hurt on the job. If that happens, the employee can expect to be compensated for their medical costs and wages.

There are times, when the insurance company for the employer underestimates the amount that should be compensated. If you feel your employer is shortchanging you in any way, sometimes they need to hear from a representative on your side.

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