Florida Senator Proposes Cameras for School Buses to Prevent Injuries to School Children

Florida School Bus AccidentFlorida State Senator, Oscar Brayon (D), has proposed legislation that would allow cameras to be installed on all Florida school buses. According to Brayon, bill SB 250 shouldn’t alarm privacy advocates, because it is really meant to address what he perceives as a rampant disregard for the “stop arm” law in Florida. The law requires that all vehicles stop when a stopped school bus’ lights are flashing and its stop sign is extended. The cameras, which would function much like red light cameras at intersections, would record vehicles violating the law. The violators would then be subject to a $200 fine.

By placing the cameras on the buses, Brayon is hoping to prevent serious injuries or fatalities to schoolchildren caused by pedestrian accidents in Florida. “Nowhere you’re going is so important that you should put a child’s life at risk,” he told First Coast News.

According to a 2011 National Stop Arm Violation Survey, school bus drivers in Florida documented over 20,000 vehicles violating the law statewide in just one day, potentially putting thousands of kids at risk. The survey goes on to say that as many as 13 million violations of the law may occur nationwide every year.

The National Coalition for School Bus Safety reports over 22 million children ride the bus to and from school every day.

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