Florida Pedestrian Accident Involving NFL Player

It was March 14, about 7:15 a.m. Mario Reyes, 59, was rushing to his job as a construction crane operator. According to a report, he crossed the six-lane MacArthur Causeway, in Miami near a crosswalk, when he was hit and killed by a Bentley being driven by Cleveland Browns wide receiver, Donte Stallworth.

According to Miami Beach police, Stallworth said he flashed his light to warn Reyes. But police also note he was driving about ten miles over the posted 40 mph zone.

They are investigating blood tests to see whether alcohol played a part in the pedestrian accident in Florida. No charges have been filed against Stallworth, who stopped his car after hitting Reyes.

Reyes was hit in the far left lane, just outside of the cross walk.

According to 2008 Florida Statutes, pedestrians must follow traffic signals at intersections and should not walk outside of designated areas that are for cars only. Following this simple procedure should help lower the chances of car accidents in Florida from occuring.

Drivers must stop and remain stopped to allow pedestrians to cross a roadway. When there is no sign, the driver of the vehicle is supposed to yield the right-of-way so the pedestrian can cross the roadway.

But pedestrians are not supposed to “suddenly leave a curb or other place of safety and walk or run into the path of a vehicle which is so close that it is impossible for the driver to yield.”

Pedestrians outside of crosswalks are supposed to yield the right-of-way to vehicles.

In other states such as California, the pedestrian always has the right of way.

According to the California Vehicle Code, “the driver of a vehicle shall yield the right-of-way to a pedestrian crossing the roadway within any marked crosswalk or within any unmarked crosswalk at an intersection.”

The Traffic Safety Center reports that even in California, 35 percent of drivers surveyed didn’t know pedestrians had the right-of-way at a crosswalk that is clearly marked.

Stallworth signed $35 million contract with the Browns last season, but was injured shortly after. He was scheduled to receive a $4.75 million bonus the day before the accident.

The injuries a pedestrian suffers after an accident can be severe, resulting in steep medical bills from hospital treatment or surgery. In the most serious cases, such as the story mentioned above, death can result from a Jacksonville pedestrian accident. Those injured by negligent parties deserve to be compensated for physical injuries and financial struggles as a result of an accident.

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