Florida Man Hospitalized Because of Pharmacy Mix-Up

When a 21-year-old Seffner, Florida man was given a prescription to fill after a hospital visit, little did he know that a prescription mix-up would land him right back in the hospital again. The mother of the man said that her son went to a local pharmacy to get the prescription filled, but he was given pills that belonged to someone else. When he mixed the two drugs – a pain medication and a muscle relaxer – he became violently ill.

He is expected to recover and the pharmacy is taking responsibility for the mix-up.

Benjamin Benoit, who runs Medicine Shoppe International in Pasco County (not the pharmacy involved in the mix-up), says that mix-ups happen, especially at larger pharmacies with many customers. Benoit suggested that customers always carefully look over the bottle and that pharmacists always confirm the name and even the address of the person picking up the prescription.

“Even with good systems there are things that slip through the cracks,” he told ABC News.

Pharmacy Problems Are Prevalent

According to an Auburn University pharmacy study in 2003, the odds of getting a prescription with a serious health-threatening error are about one in 1,000. That doesn’t sound like much until you realize that given the volume of prescriptions filled each year it adds up to nearly 4 million medication errors a year.

Mistakes at pharmacies in Florida and nationwide can be blamed on a variety of factors: overworked pharmacists putting in long shifts; pharmacies that emphasize speed in filling prescriptions; or reliance on lower-paid, lesser-trained technicians to help pharmacists process and package prescriptions.

Regardless of the reasons, and given the possible consequences, the Jacksonville pharmacy error lawyers at Farah & Farah believe a pharmacist’s first priority should always be to get it right. If you have been injured due to a pharmacy or medication error, please call us at (800) 533-3555 to discuss compensation for medical bills and injuries.

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