Florida Joins 43 States With First Salmonella Case

Until now, Florida was one of seven states that did NOT have a salmonella outbreak. But now, a North Florida resident has shown signs of salmonella poisoning, according to a Florida Department of Health report issued on February 5th. There are very few details about the person or what they might have eaten to make them sick, but Florida is now the 44th and most recent state to have residents who have been sickened with the same type of salmonella that came from the Blakely, Georgia peanut processing plant. Salmonella Typhimuirium has sickened more than 550 and killed eight.

This time the resident of Bradford County was temporarily hospitalized. The city of Starke is in that county, but no other information on his/her location except that he had the same DNA match of salmonella Typhimuirium involved in the food recall.

This appears to be an isolated incident according to a health department spokesperson, but that is difficult to know with any certainty – that’s because only one is about 36 or so people is ever positively diagnosed by going for a bacterial contamination breakdown. The Florida Department of Health spokeswoman, Susan Smith, is asking anyone who has symptoms of salmonella poisoning to have it positively diagnosed with their primary care physician. If the diagnosis is positive, then the injured victim should think about contacting an experienced food recall lawyer.

Symptoms include diarrhea, cramps, vomiting, nausea and fever. Symptoms are uncomfortable but usually subside within the week. The real danger comes when someone is immune compromised – that is very young or very old. So far mostly the young have been sickened, likely because they are the age group most likely to consume peanut butter.

To check if your peanut-based foodstuff is being recalled go to the FDA’s Web site because it is updated daily with everything from dog biscuits to energy bars. And if you have been sickened when someone knowingly and intentionally sent out contaminated food, you likely have a negligence or product liability lawsuit that can cover your medical costs. Call Farah and Farah at 1-800-533-3555 and talk to our Florida product liability attorneys about your personal situation. We might be able to help.