Florida Highway Patrol Crackdown

The National Highway Safety Administration (NHTSA) has launched a $7 million drunk driving campaign aimed at reducing the high numbers of accidents among drivers, ages 21 to 24, who have more fatal auto accidents involving alcohol than any other age group.

But don’t fool yourself – No age is spared during the holidays.

This Christmas and New Year’s holiday, expect the Florida Highway Patrol to have a zero tolerance policy toward any driving that puts other motorists in danger. The FHP will target motorists who drive aggressively or under the influence, speed, or violate the rules of the road.

Extra patrols will be out from December 24th though midnight January 4th. Even those assigned to a desk job will be out on the roads on patrol on high volume roadways.

And motorists can feel a little empowered this year when they do see someone driving erratically. Contact FHP to report an impaired, aggressive or dangerous driver by dialing *FHP (star-F-H-P) from a cell phone. You can remain anonymous. And if you have trouble on the road, you can call FHP using that number too.

Motorists are encouraged to go on-line and enter their emergency contact information, Just in case there is ever an emergency on the road and you cannot speak, everything will be right there for an officer to access. Go to www.flhsmv.gov to enter the information. That law came about after parents of a girl who had been killed in a motorcycle accident, could not locate her whereabouts or her body for more than 24 hours.

Remember – For a person weighing 140 pounds- the legal level registering as drunk is .08 blood-alcohol level- generally achieved by three drinks in an hour. That varies from person to person. So if you want to celebrate this New Year’s holiday- it might be advised to walk to a neighbor’s house and save yourself a lot of trouble.