Florida Four-Wheeler Accident Kills Boy

An 11 year old boy has died in Florida behind the wheel of a four-wheeler, according to a story. Four-wheelers are like motorcycles but generally driven by kids off-road in the countryside. This Florida wrongful death accident happened in Madison County near Tallahassee Friday afternoon.

A witness told the Florida Highway Patrol that the young boy passed him on the left before he lost control and went into an embankment. The vehicle then overturned and slammed into a tree. The 11 year old was thrown from the four-wheeler and died at the scene. A 25 year old passenger of Miami was ejected and taken to a Tallahassee hospital with serious injuries.

There is no word on whether either person was wearing a helmet. My heart goes out to the family and friends of the deceased boy. We also wish the very best for the injured passenger.

So often, victims who fall off sport vehicles suffer skull fractures and blunt force trauma to the head and chest. More often than not, young people are injured when the large ATV, made for adults, gets away from them causing them to “lose control.”

Statistics by the Consumer Product Safety Commission show that in 2004, 44,000 children under the age of 16 were injured and 150 suffered fatally. That led to a call for a ban on the adult-size ATVs for children because the machines are too large and too fast to control.

Florida law says an ATV cannot be operated anywhere on a road or highway but must be driven on private land or a prepared track. Riders 16 and under are supposed to wear a helmet and protective gear. And riders under the age of 16 are supposed to pass a safety course.

In Florida in 1982 through 2004, there were 257 ATV-related deaths, making Florida seventh in the country for ATV deaths.

Again, our condolences go out to this family for their loss. As personal injury attorneys in Florida, we hope other adults are paying attention to the statistics, which do not paint a very safe picture for these off-road vehicles, no matter how much fun they are. If you have any questions regarding an auto accident or personal injury accident in Florida, feel free to give us a call at Farah and Farah today.