Florida Drunk Driving Awareness – Jacksonville Among Top Ten for DUI Arrests

This is a dubious distinction for Jacksonville.

Insurance.com has listed Jacksonville as 10th among the top 20 U.S. cities for drunk driving arrests. The group, which calls itself the largest independent online auto insurance agency in the U.S., states that a top ranking does not just mean there are more drunk driving arrests and presumably more auto accidents – there may also be better enforcement of DUI laws.

In a city that is as spread out as Jacksonville, there is also a higher probability that a person will get behind the wheel to drive, even if they are intoxicated, rather than try to rely on public transportation.

The Florida Highway Patrol (FHP) tracks drunk driving arrests. FHP spokesman Lt. Bill Leeper is quoted in a recent News4Jax.com story, saying that the number of people driving while intoxicated has actually declined in recent years.

The FHP is known to set up unannounced DUI checkpoints from time to time in order to catch people driving intoxicated and to discourage drunk driving. Despite the state’s efforts, over 4,000 people were caught driving under the influence in Florida last year. Estimates are that one in 12 of all drivers will be a drunk driver.

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