Florida Among States with Worst Drivers

car-silver-3622302.jpgThe website Carinsurancecomparison.com compiled data from federal sources, Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD), and the American Motorists Association to find out which states have the worst drivers. As you might expect, Florida ranks highest in the number of tickets given out, which also means auto insurance is higher than in other states with safer drivers. Florida ranked 50 on the scale, a high number that indicates the number of bad drivers. Florida ranks fourth with 37 fatalities per million miles driven, and sits in seventh place for the number of drunk drivers and at the bottom for the carelessness of drivers. Florida also hands out more tickets per capita than other states.

The insurance group concludes the further south you travel, the worse the drivers and dangers on the road are, with the southern half of the country home to nine of the 10 worst states for drivers.

The top three states are Louisiana, Missouri, and Texas.

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Source: http://www.carinsurancecomparison.com/which-states-have-the-worst-drivers/