Flordia Car versus Motorcycle Accident Kills Pregnant Woman

Charges may be filed against a 22-year old motorcyclist from Georgia who was involved in a car accident in Florida last weekend that took the life of a pregnant woman.

According to an account from the Florida Highway Patrol, 32-year-old Vanessa Parker Sinclair, who was eight months pregnant, was on I-95 near the intersection of State Road A1A in Nassau County north of Jacksonville when a motorcycle approached her vehicle quickly from behind.

Witnesses say Ms. Sinclair tried to get out of the way of the motorcycle driven by Jen Young Lee, 22, of Savannah, and traveled from the middle lane to the right lane. Unfortunately, the motorcycle was trying to pass on the right side at the same time. When Sinclair discovered what was happening, she diverted the car back to the middle lane, but lost control of the Chevrolet. It rolled and she was killed along with the baby she was carrying.

Sinclair became one of about 10,000 fatalities every year from rollover accidents in Florida. Fortunately the children in the back were not seriously injured. Lee broke his leg when his motorcycle overturned but was hospitalized in fair condition.

Investigators must determine if there was excessive speed, if the vehicle was road worthy and try to recreate the Florida car accident with the help of witnesses.

While Sinclair was understandably trying to avoid an accident in an effort to protect her children, police usually advise you to stay in your own lane. You can never second guess someone going at excessive speed trying to pass on the right. They’ve already shown poor judgment.

Lee could be facing vehicular homicide charges here as well as being charged with recklessness. Our sympathies go out to Sinclair’s family during this difficult time.

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