Five People Injured in Palm Harbor Car Crash

Five people remain hospitalized after a car crash that shut down portion of U.S. 19 in Palm Harbor in Pinellas County, on Tuesday morning, March 15. Tampa reports a 2005 Pontiac struck a Toyota as it turned north onto U.S. 19 from Colonial Boulevard around 10:15 a.m., causing it to spin into a light pole and knock it down. Witnesses report the Pontiac, driven by a 28-year-old man from Tarpon Springs, was northbound when it hit a Toyota Highlander driven by a 68-year-old man from Palm Harbor. The FHP believes the crash did not involve alcohol but may have involved excessive speeding. Both drivers are hospitalized in St. Joseph’s Hospital in Tampa in serious condition.

The Pontiac driver’s two passengers are in Bayfront Hospital in serious condition. Everyone involved was reportedly wearing their seat belts. Let’s hope all involved in this tragic crash recover from their injuries.

Although this story does not mention it, it is possible that a traffic ticket could be issued to the Pontiac driver if it is determined he ran a stop sign or light. A moving violation not only adds points to a license but it may cause the driver to lose his license.

Florida Statute 316.123 says that every driver must stop at a clearly marked stop line, and a failure to do so mandates the driver enroll in a basic driver improvement course. If you have questions about a moving violation that involves speeding, running a light, or a stop sign, Farah & Farah’s experienced Florida auto accident attorneys will be able to answer questions in a free consultation on your accident.