FDA Warns Physicians Not to Buy Meds from Unapproved Sources

pills_doctor_693469.jpgDoctors from several states have received letters from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) warning them that they must stop buying medications from foreign or unlicensed suppliers that sell illegal prescription drugs.

According to the FDA, these medical practices are putting their patients at heightened risk for injury or even death by exposing them to medications that may be counterfeit, contaminated, ineffective, improperly stored and transported, and dangerous.

The FDA is urging those in the healthcare community to take a good look at their medication purchasing practices and to make sure that they only purchase from licensed U.S. wholesale drug distributors or directly from the manufacturer. The agency warned against doing business with unknown suppliers who may send out suspicious or unsolicited offers to clinics and doctors.

Unfortunately, simple greed may be the reason many doctors buy from unapproved sources. Often, these suppliers offer physicians steep, “too good to be true”, discounts on drugs that may lower a doctor’s bottom line, but can endanger a patient’s health. One pharmaceutical industry expert likened the practice to buying a $30 Rolex from a New York street vendor. “I hate to break it to you, but those are not genuine Rolex watches,” he stated.

Physicians from 13 states have received the warnings: including two doctors from Florida.

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