Fatal SUV Pedestrian Accident in Driveway Kills Toddler

Toddler Run Over By SUV In Driveway on Nov 28

It has happened again. A West Palm Beach SUV accident involving a little kid run over in their own driveway by a car whose driver never saw them, according to a FirstCoastNews.com report. In a moment a life is lost, and lives are ruined.

The Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office says the little boy, Sergio Martinez, was riding his tricycle, not in the street, when Rangel Rauda driving a Ford Explorer ran him over. Rauda says she didn’t see the toddler because a parked car was in her way. Little Martinez later died in the hospital. Rauda may be charged.

According to a report by the Washington Post, in Northwest Washington, a 16-month-old boy is fatally hit by his father’s SUV. The mother was putting things in the trunk of her car. That’s how long the toddler had to wander away from her and into the SUV’s path.

Singer Steven Curtis Chapman told People Magazine about the death in his family when a teenage son ran over his five-year-old adopted sister.

Almost weekly, these tragedies are reported.

Most of the time it is a family tragedy that they never get over – that’s because it’s a family member behind the wheel.

Janette Fennell of the group Kids and Cars says “In the US, fifty children are being backed over by vehicles EVERY week. 48 are treated in hospital emergency rooms and at least two children are fatally injured every WEEK.”

In a Maine television announcement, “What makes this so tragic is that in 70 percent of these cases, it is a direct relative of that child who backs over and kills them.”

There is a blind zone behind SUVs that can extend more than 20 feet. This television report out of Maine proved that you cannot see anything behind the bumper to that distance. Kids and Cars estimates nearly 500 children have been run over and killed in the last five years.

Her organization’s statistics as of October 29, 2008, show that 177 fatalities involved children killed in non-traffic incidents which may include being stuck in a power window or being stuck inside a rolling vehicle.

Kids and Cars advocates a rear-visibility standard so that drivers can see what’s behind them all the way up to the bumpers. Improvements include:

  • Back-up cameras to improve rear visibility. Do-it-yourself kits options are available for about $400
  • Parking Assist is an audible tone that lets a driver know if he is nearing an object or a child behind the car

The best defense it to walk around the car. Never assume that you have a clear way – that is the danger of SUVs. There is too much at stake not to make that small effort. You may save a small life.