Fat Transfer Procedures in Florida Lead to Two Deaths

In the last 15 months, two Broward County women have died as the result of a cosmetic surgery procedure known as “fat transfer” – where fat is liposucted from one part of a patient’s body, then infused into another part of the body.

Lately, this procedure has been used more and more for “butt lifts” where fat is infused into a patient’s bottom to make it appear plumper. Apparently this has really caught on in the South Florida area, where the procedure has been done in large numbers.

The two women who died during their “butt lift” surgeries suffered from complications when the infused fat blocked the bloodstream, causing heart emergencies.

Fat transfer is not new to cosmetic surgery, but it is usually done in much smaller increments to enhance the face or hands. Butt lifts are still a fairly new procedure in which much larger quantities of fat – up to half a gallon – are infused into the bottom.

Dr. Malcolm Roth, president of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons told the Sun Sentinel that that the “jury is still out” when it comes to the safety of grafting fairly large amounts of fat into the buttocks. Other experts also point out that because the buttocks are large, the chances of hitting a blood vessel – and the risk of a deadly complication – are much higher.

An attorney for the family of one of the dead women is investigating whether the surgeon or surgery center made mistakes that could have led to her death.

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