Family of Spring Hill Woman Killed by Motorcyclist Seeks Justice

The facts are plain enough: a 73-year-old Spring Hill woman crossing the street in a crosswalk on Spring Hill Drive was struck and killed by a speeding motorcyclist who had run a red light.

The motorcyclist was seriously injured in the crash and airlifted to a Tampa hospital, where he survived.

The family was assured that justice would be done and that there would be an arrest in connection with the Spring Hill pedestrian accident.

Then, nothing happened.

Investigators told the family that although they suspected the motorcyclist had drugs in his system when the accident occurred, paramedics who treated him on the scene had injected him with other drugs, so it couldn’t be absolutely determined if he had been driving under the influence. So, DUI manslaughter was off the table.

Shockingly to family members, they were also told that a charge of vehicular manslaughter would not be leveled against the motorcyclist because investigators had determined that the elderly pedestrian had been crossing when the “don’t walk” sign was flashing.

Instead, the motorcyclist only faces a hearing for a red-light citation.

Hernando Today reports the motorcyclist has a lengthy criminal history, including two previous DUI convictions and other traffic-related citations and arrests.

A son-in-law of the victim said he doesn’t trust Florida’s legal system anymore and insisted the family is not out for revenge.

“We just want justice,” he stated.

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