Family of Killed Cyclist Sues Key Biscayne Hit-and-Run Driver

The relatives of a cyclist, who was struck and killed by a car on the Rickenbacker Causeway on February 15, have filed a negligence suit against the 25-year-old man who was driving the car, and his father, who owned the car.

The 37-year-old cyclist, and father of two young children, was riding in the northbound bike lane, when he and a partner were struck from behind. The driver, despite severe damage to the car and a shattered windshield, kept driving until he got to his Key Biscayne condo, where he covered the damaged vehicle with a tarp.

He turned himself in for the Florida hit-and-run crash 18 hours later.

By then, it was too late to determine if he had been driving under the influence. It was revealed that he had been enrolled in a court-ordered drug treatment program at the time of the accident. He was jailed and charged with leaving the scene of an injury accident and driving with a suspended license.

Despite some compelling circumstantial evidence, the hit-and-run driver has escaped DUI manslaughter charges because police were unable to obtain blood alcohol evidence to support the charge. He is currently in jail where he’s awaiting his criminal trial.

The attorney for the family told the Miami Herald that the lawsuit was about more than holding the driver accountable. He stated that the stricken cyclist “would have wanted us to use this to get the message across: let’s learn to live together on the roads.”

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