Estero Man Sentenced to 4 Years in Jail for Golf Cart Hit-And-Run

A 54 year-old man who ran into a golf cart with his SUV and then fled the scene of the accident will have the next four years to think about his hit-and-run decision while in prison. He pled no-contest to two counts of leaving a crash scene with injuries.

The driver of the SUV, an insurance agent, was leaving the ACE Group classic golf tournament in February of 2010 when the accident occurred. He was driving 38 mph through the parking lot, without his lights on, when a golf cart crossed his path and he struck it. The three people in the cart were seriously injured.

According to a witness, the motorist did stop to ask the people in the cart if they were okay, but then climbed back into his SUV and took off. Although the driver of the SUV testified that he was going to get help, court records show he never looked back after leaving the crash scene and never called 911. He drove to his Estero home and kept his vehicle in his garage for the next two days.

The prosecutor who wanted the maximum sentence of five years imposed, said that the driver was not an evil man. “This is a man who made a very bad decision and, as an adult, you’re responsible for bad decisions,” the prosecutor told

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