Dump Truck Overturns on Dames Point Bridge in Truck Crash

Traffic on the Dames Point Bridge came to a halt for nearly two hours on Monday, April 4, after a dump truck overturned, spilling its load of dirt on the center lane, according to a report by Jacksonville’s Channel 4 News. No one was injured in the accident, which was reportedly caused by an Isuzu driver who cut in front of the truck, causing the dump truck driver to swerve to avoid hitting the car, which caused the truck to roll onto its left side. The television station reports that all three northbound lanes were blocked. The Isuzu driver was cites for improperly changing lanes.

While the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) finds that overloaded trucks, poor driver training, and equipment failure onboard a big-rig can contribute to accidents, a crash is not always the truck driver’s fault. Motorists often underestimate the trucks’ capabilities, its limited acceleration, braking, and visibility and often do not realize the distance needed by a truck to react. Motorists also often fail to realize that the large truck driver cannot see them in a blind spot. A good rule of thumb is if you cannot see the truck driver in their rear view mirror, they cannot see you either.

Litigation involving trucks is somewhat complicated in that there are specific laws, both federal and state, that oversee tractor-trailers and the trucking industry as a whole. The negligent party who caused the collision may have disobeyed traffic signals and traffic conditions, may be driving under the influence, may have failed to use a turn signal, or may have been speeding. If the other driver was at fault, you may be eligible for damages caused by the accident, including medical treatment, lost wages, property damage, a reduction in earning capacity in the future, pain and suffering and the loss of enjoyment of life. The Jacksonville truck accident lawyers at the Farah & Farah law firm want you to know there may be a time limit under state law within which to file an action, so call us today.