Driver Killed in St. Augustine When Pickup Truck Rolls

One person was killed and another is injured after a truck rolled on a bridge in St. Augustine early Thursday. The driver was thrown from the truck after it rolled a few times, St. Augustine police report. He was heading west on State Road 312 about 1: 40 in the morning. He died at the scene. The passenger was extricated from the vehicle, but his condition is unknown as is the cause of this accident is under investigation.

We are praying for the recovery of the passenger. At this point, we have no idea what caused the truck to roll. Was the driver texting or was alcohol involved? We also don’t know if seatbelts were worn, but if the driver was ejected, it is likely they were not being used. The truck was reported to be in pieces along the road.

Florida law requires everyone to be belted inside a vehicle. The truth is that everyone pays the price when someone is not buckled in. The cost of hospital care for the unbuckled driver is about 50 percent higher than for some wearing their seat belt. And it is Floridians who bear the brunt of these costs. The state estimates on the job crashes cost employers $22,000 a crash and $110,000 per injury due to lost productivity and higher insurance and medical costs.
If you are not convinced, the Florida Highway Patrol has a seat belt convincer that you can view at

This contraption simulates what it feels like to be in an eight mile per hour crash. A person is strapped into a cart and sending down a short ramp that comes to an abrupt stop. Since the machine is transported on a trailer it will be used at demonstrations throughout the state.

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