Disabled Girl Taken Away from Mother Died at Miami Gardens Nursing Home

A profoundly disabled 14-year-old girl, who was taken out of her mother’s care and placed in a nursing home, died while in the care of the Miami Gardens facility.

In April of 2011, the girl had been placed in the home against her mother’s wishes after social workers insisted that the facility was the “safest” place for her daughter. Allegedly, the girl was crying and shaking and asking for her real home after she was brought to the Florida Club Care Center.

The girl suffered from cerebral palsy and had other health issues. According to the Miami Herald, the evening the girl arrived at the nursing home, nurses failed to give her prescribed life-saving anti-seizure medication.

Allegedly, there is no record that anybody called a doctor, even when the girl struggled to breathe a mere two hours before her death. She later died of a heart attack at Jackson North Medical Center. After the death, the home did not notify the state as required by Florida law, because the home’s administrator contended that, “She did not expire at the facility. She expired in the hospital.”

Florida Club Care Center was assessed a $300,000 fine by federal regulators and Florida’s Agency for Health Care Administration also assessed a $7,500 fine. The home still cares for 37 children.

The federal government has accused Florida of unnecessarily separating severely disabled children from their families and warehousing and isolating them in nursing homes where they receive “little education” and can suffer “grievous neglect.”

The girl’s grandfather told the Miami Herald “This is something we will never forget, and we will never forgive – including the state of Florida.”

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