Daytona Beach Man Claims He Was Tasered For No Reason

A Daytona Beach businessman claims that he was doing nothing wrong when he was stunned three times with a Taser after he tried to break up an altercation in a Pizza Parlor. He is suing the Orlando Police Department.

Florida Police Taser InjuryThe alleged victim claims that he was merely breaking up a fight between two women in Panino’s Pizza when an Orlando police officer entered the restaurant. Surveillance video captured outside the restaurant showed the officer pushing the man twice before finally using a stun device on him.

The man claims, and the video apparently confirms, that he was standing in front of the officer with his arms at his sides and his palms up, when he was stunned. He claims that he was merely asking the officer why he had put his hands on him when he had done nothing to deserve that treatment.

He alleges he was stunned two more times while he was being handcuffed.

According to WFTV News, the officer involved in the Taser incident has been sued three times previously on allegations that he used excessive force. Overall, there have been 18 complaints filed against the officer, but he has been cleared of wrongdoing in all of them.

The alleged victim said that after dealing with the officer outside the pizza restaurant it was apparent to him that “[OPD] has a loose cannon on the force.”

The alleged victim was charged with battery and resisting arrest. However, the state attorney has dropped all the charges against him. OPD says that it has no comment on the litigation, but that the officer is still with the force and has been put on patrol duty.

The use of a stun device is sometimes unavoidable and makes sense in cases when a law enforcement officer is trying to subdue a violent suspect without having to resort to deadly force. However, law enforcement officers also have a duty to follow proper procedures when using a stun device.

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