CPSC: Report on Child Drownings This Summer

There may be fewer people dying on our nation’s highways in auto accidents but federal statistics do not show an improving picture in the number of child drownings this summer. The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and the Home Safety Council (HSC) are releasing the statistics from the 2010 summer swimming season.

Next to California, Florida had the second highest number of child drowning in swimming pools this summer at 14. There were also 19 injuries.

California topped the nation with 27 drownings and 15 injuries.

In an average year, there are more than 200 children under the age of 1 who drown in spas or pools between Memorial Day and Labor Day. This year there were 172 drownings in that time period. In addition, there were more than 180 non-fatal incidents in pools and spas. The CPSC and HSC rely on media reports to base their findings.

The remaining top five states for drownings are Arizona (9 drownings), Texas (12 drownings) and Ohio (10 drownings).

What can parents do?

The two groups are asking there to be more vigilance by both parents and property owners who have pools and spas. A family with an in-ground pool needs to keep the attractive nuisance supervised. Adults need to be mindful of supervision and keeping children out of the area with an enclosed fence and self-latching gate.

Pools can be equipped with anti-entrapment safety drain covers as well as pool alarms on doors that lead from the home. Some pools are actually covered with a heavy-duty material to keep youngsters out.

The CPSC suggests having rescue equipment next to the pool as well as a cordless phone. The pool owner should know CPR. Children need to know how to swim. Learn more in this video provided by the CPSC at www.PoolSafely.gov.