CPSC Recalls over 523,000 Window Shades Made by Hanover Direct Inc.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) is recalling over 523,500 window shades made by a New Jersey company, Hanover Direct Inc., after the cord of the defective product strangled a 22-month-old and was found hanging by his neck.

Hanover Direct Inc. makes Roman shades and roller blinds. The blinds were made in China and sold at the company stores also called Domestications, the Company Store, and Company Kids stores between January 1996 and October 2009. A year ago the company was the subject of another CPSC recall over hazardous and defective window shades after a youngster almost lost his life due to cord strangulation.

Consumers should stop using shades that have exposed inner cords that can wrap around a child’s neck and roll-up blinds without a tension mechanism.

Product Liability
If a consumer is injured by a defective product, whether it is improperly designed, labeled, or made of shoddy materials, he or she can be compensated for their injury or illness. An experienced Florida defective product attorney can help you decide whether you should challenge the company in an individual lawsuit, or join a class action, which makes it more likely you will be able to outlast a big corporation in litigation. The liability can extend to the manufacturer, supplier, and retailer, or distributor of the product.

The Florida product liability attorneys at Farah & Farah would conduct a thorough investigation into the designers and manufacturers of a product to determine all potential defendants in a Florida product liability case.