Couple Speeding, Ticketed On Way To Hospital

A husband and wife were pulled over for speeding when the woman was going into labor last March. She later gave birth to their son.

News Channel 4 caught up with them recently. It turns out a Jacksonville Sheriff’s officer ticketed them for speeding as they rushed to get to the hospital. The woman was only 20 weeks into her pregnancy, a very dangerous time for her water to break. Doctors told the couple to get to the hospital fast!

On nearby Kernan Boulevard, where the speed limit is 30 mph, they were pulled over for going 39 mph. When they told the officer about the pending emergency, instead of showing compassion and driving the couple to the hospital, or at least accompanying them, he held them up further by writing the ticket. Today they are angry with that JSO officer, who they say took his time writing the ticket.

The husband even went to court to fight the ticket but lost and ended up paying. Instead of the birthday of his son, spending it with him in the hospital, he was in court for two yours. He lost.
JSO began an internal investigation in June into the actions of the two officers involved following the Nordman’s complaint. Both officers claimed they were never told that the woman was pregnant or that she needed medical attention and said they were only told by the husband that they were on their way to the hospital.

In July, the couple received the results of the internal investigation, which read in part, “The investigation produced no evidence to support your complaint. The member’s actions were legal and proper under the circumstances surrounding your complaint.”

Even though the baby was three month premature, he is a happy, healthy baby today. His name in Spanish means “strong gift”. They are lucky. When he was born, the baby didn’t even weigh three pounds.

The couple says they’ve reached a dead end with law enforcement. What a shame for JSO, instead of “Serve and Protect”, JSO is covering and making a bad decision. Luckily the baby did not suffer as a result of the delay.

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