Costa Allegra Makes Landfall, Costa Concordia Preliminary Hearing Held

Costa Allegra, the Italian cruise ship crippled by a fire on the Indian Ocean and then towed by a French tuna fishing boat for three days, finally docked at Port Victoria on the island of Mahe on Thursday, March 1. Although there were no reports of injuries and the passengers all arrived safely, many said they were more than happy to leave that experience behind them and described deplorable conditions aboard the luxury liner.

The fire that erupted in the engine room of the liner knocked out lights, running water, toilets, refrigerators, and air-conditioning for the entire journey back. Passengers complained of sweltering cabin temperatures, fetid, backed-up toilets, and a diet of spam sandwiches.

One passenger directed his anger at the Costa Allegra staff. “Sheer luck has disguised the incompetence from start to finish,” he told The Telegraph, while another passenger described the incident as, “an absolute debacle.”

Costa Cruises said that a majority of the passengers decided to continue their holiday in the Seychelles at the firm’s expense, while the remaining passengers decided to fly home. The company also said that all passenger fares would be reimbursed.

Meanwhile, the first preliminary hearing looking into the fatal Costa Concordia accident and the captain’s behavior was held in the Tuscan town of Grosseto. Although the initial hearing was only procedural, some 500 passengers, family members, and lawyers gathered at the courthouse, causing the venue to be moved to a local theatre to accommodate the crowd.

Thirty-two people were killed or are missing and presumed dead due to the fatal cruise ship accident.

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