Common Injuries Related to Jacksonville Slip, Trip, and Falls

Even the smallest slip, trip, and fall injury can leave you feeling serious pain. Think about it: when was the last time you took a tumble and wound up on the floor? You probably remember it pretty vividly. You were shopping at St. Johns Town Center or strolling down The Riverwalk and a slippery surface or loose piece of sidewalk left you suffering a rough landing on the ground. While you most likely got up with little more hurt than your pride and ability to claim gracefulness, there are others who suffer debilitating injuries in Jacksonville slip, trip, and fall accidents.

Injuries Commonly Caused by Jacksonville Slip, Trip, and Fall Accidents
Farah & Farah has represented many Jacksonville residents injured after suffering injuries related to a slip, trip, and fall. Here are the most common injuries our clients have reported after enduring a Jacksonville slip, trip, or fall:

Bone fractures: anytime a person lands on a hard surface with any force, they can break a bone. Breaks of the wrists and ankles are very common in slip, trip, and fall situations.
Cuts and bruises: these injuries are very common when someone suffers an impact with a hard, unforgiving surface.
Nerve damage: in some situations, a slip, trip, or fall injury can leave a person suffering from nerve damage. Tingling or loss of sensation can be felt for days or even weeks following some serious slip, trip, or falls. The possibility (and amount) of nerve damage possible depends on the location of the body injured in a slip, trip, or fall.

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