Columbia County Auto Accident Kills One, Injures Two

A woman was killed and two others were injured in a head-on crash early Friday morning in Columbia County in North Florida. According to a story, a 37-year old driver’s SUV was heading west on I-10. She struck a vehicle driving east with a 25-year-old woman of St. Petersburg behind the wheel. The problem is that the SUV was going east in a westbound lane. When she struck the other vehicle, the SUV left the road and went into the median and overturned. The SUV driver, of St. Augustine, died at the scene of this tragic auto accident in Florida.

The other driver and her passenger were injured when her car spun around. The Florida Highway Patrol will try to determine if alcohol was involved in this crash.

The wreck happened about 1:45 a.m. near the I-75 exchange.

Once again, we are reporting on an SUV that rolled after a collision. There is no word on what kind of SUV this was, but they all have a high center of gravity making them less stable than a car lower to the ground.

Often the problems of death due to rollovers are associated with a design defect that the vehicle manufacturer knew about.

Our experienced Florida auto accident attorneys at Farah and Farah have found in previous rollovers that the vehicle’s pillars, roof rails and windshield headers were too weak to withstand a roof crushing into the occupant, causing traumatic brain injury. Passengers are often killed when they are partially ejected in a rollover and our attorneys have alleged in lawsuits that the seatbelt manufacturer and car dealer knew but failed to warn about the defective seat restraint system.

GM has also known that an improved design would reduce rollovers by 86 percent but has failed to do so.

Our sympathies go out to the families of the victims of this tragic accident. We wish the survivors a speedy recovery. If you have been in a SUV rollover accident in Florida and have questions about your vehicle’s make and model and any defects we have uncovered, please give us a call.