Collier Jury Awards Woman $170,000 for Injuries Suffered during Fall at Spa

Three years ago, a woman went into a Naples spa expecting to lose weight and get healthier. Things didn’t quite work out that way because after her second visit to the Slender Life Health Center of Naples she left injured and bleeding after she fell flat on her face during a body-wrap session.

She told a Collier Circuit Court jury that after she had been wrapped like a mummy with mineral-soaked bandages, she was asked to walk across the floor. The floor hadn’t been wiped down and was still wet when she slipped and fell face-first on the floor because she couldn’t break her fall due to the wrapping.

“I’m lying on the floor in my bra and underwear, wet and bleeding, and they’re not doing much to help me at all,” she testified. Before she left the spa, she claims the staff forced her to sign a liability waiver.

She suffered broken bones under her right eye, a broken nose, and claimed she had vision problems for 10 days after the slip-and-fall accident. She also had to wear a nose cast for 12 weeks and the right side of her face is now slightly concave.

It only took 45 minutes for the jury to come back with a verdict to award the 61-year-old woman $170,000 for the injuries she suffered as a result of the fall. She was given $142,800 for past pain, $15,000 for future pain and suffering, $8,000 for lost wages, and $4,979 for medical bills.

The Slender Life chain shut down suddenly in 2011 and is no longer in business. The owners were a husband and wife team. According to the husband, who now lives in Georgia, his wife is dead and he hadn’t been involved in the business since 2000.

The woman’s attorney intends to file a lien against his property and then request for information about assets and property.

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