Church 15-Passenger Van Fatal Rollover in Quincy

Survivors of a fatal church van crash that killed 4 and injured 15 on Route 27 in South Blakely, Georgia, are blaming an exploding tire for the accident that happened Sunday, October 3. The group was heading to a church revival meeting in Quincy, Florida in a 1987 Dodge Ram Wagon.

A survivor tells WTVM that he heard the right rear tire explode on the 15-passenger van carrying 19 people.

That’s when the driver, Kenasha Seldon, 29, made a left turn and then a sharp right turn causing the van to flip over several times. James Valles tells the television station that a bank of seats went out the exit and bodies were ejected from the back door of the van and through the windows.

Nineteen people were ejected from the passenger van and none were wearing their seat belts. Included among the injured in the Florida 15-passenger van rollover accident were a small child and a senior citizen, the pastor of the church from Columbus, Georgia, and passengers ages 13, 19, and 20.

Those injured were taken to the Southeast Alabama Medical Center in Dothan.

Aging Tires
Over time, the structure of a tire can degrade, making it more prone to catastrophic failure. The normal aging of a tire can be accelerated by heat and sunlight. The Florida personal injury lawyers at Farah & Farah recommend no tire older than six years be used on any vehicle.

15-Passenger Vans
Our law firm finds these are the most dangerous vehicles on the road. Unfortunately, they are widely used by church groups and for sports outings, often carrying children. The National Transportation Safety Board states these vans rollover more than half the time they are involved in a single-vehicle crash and 81% of fatalities in 15-passenger vans occur in single-vehicle rollover accidents.

If you can find an alternative to these rollover-prone vehicles that also have a weak roof, please do so. Our Jacksonville auto accident attorneys are prepared to discuss your case if you have been injured in one of these dangerous vehicles.