Central Florida Retention Pond Accident

A Good Samaritan in central Florida has saved two children after their family van ran into a pond. Kissimmee police says that Eric Maceo Logan, 37 was at his kid’s school, Flora Ridge Elementary on Friday, May 14, when the family van went through a fence and down a slope into a retention pond. According to a News4Jax report, bystander, Kevin Rios-Nieves, 20, who was at the school, heard the little girl yelling, “Help,” out of the van and dove into the water to retrieve a one-year-old boy and the five-year-old girl. He climbed in an open window and grabbed the little boy who was strapped into his car seat and handed him to others who had decided to help. He then grabbed the little girl and took her to shore. The father was unconscious and Rios-Nieves yelled at him to get out. He said the man appeared to be having a convulsion and was shaking as the van took on more water and sank before Nieves could retrieve the father. Nieves said he started to cry because he couldn’t help him.

Escaping a Retention Pond
From the time your vehicle lands in the water until it sinks to the bottom is about two to four minutes, says the Florida Highway Patrol. Since water pressure makes opening the door impossible and electric windows won’t roll down, and its getting dark inside the car as water pours in from all directions, the FHP suggests that it’s best to carry a spring-loaded window breaker to smash your driver side window and get out as quickly as possible. About 4,800 vehicle accidents occur in Florida every year involving a submerged vehicle in a retention pond, says FHP.

Distracted Driving?
There are many questions surrounding this case, mainly why would a young father lose control of his car? A Jacksonville vehicle crash attorney and investigator would have many questions to ask about this case – did he suffer a medical condition? Was there some indication he had ingested drugs or alcohol? Was the driver distracted? What was the condition of the road and of signs in the area? The other issues that need to be questioned are whether there was adequate fencing around the pond to prevent an accident of this sort, and whether the slope going into the pond was too steep? Was there a mechanical malfunction on the vehicle, for example brakes that didn’t work? If so, the family of this deceased father may have a defective product complaint against the auto maker for his death. Our hearts go out to the family and friends of the victim in this accident. We pray for a full and thorough investigation that will yield clear answers about what happened.