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The Lee County School District has agreed to pay a settlement of $200,000 to a couple who claimed that a kindergarten teacher abused their autistic son.

The parents sued the school district last year, claiming that his teacher force fed him, twisted his wrists, and bent his fingers back to discipline him. The suit blamed the school district for hiring the teacher, even though she allegedly had a previous history of using inappropriate discipline methods against special needs students in Charlotte County. The suit also accused school administrators of keeping the teacher in the classroom despite allegations that she had been abusive while teaching at Gulf Elementary in Cape Coral – another Lee County elementary school.

The couple claims that in the seven months their son was in the teacher’s class, he went from “happy-go-lucky” to a nonverbal child who hurt himself and now requires round-the-clock care.
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Attorneys for a mentally challenged man, who spent 25 years in prison and was later exonerated through DNA evidence, are seeking damages and compensation for their client in a civil trial that is being held in a Fort Lauderdale federal court.

Attorneys for the man, who was convicted for the murder and rape of a 58-year-old woman in 1984 and was subsequently released in 2009, claim that their client was the victim of a “malicious prosecution.” Additionally, they state that the City of Miramar and the Sheriff’s office were negligent in their supervision of the officers during the case.

According to the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, an expert witness told the jury that the detectives who conducted the investigation failed to pursue more likely suspects, did not write complete reports, and contaminated and failed to test evidence.
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Florida Injury LawsuitA jury has found that two West Palm Beach Police officers “intentionally, but not maliciously” injured a 64-year-old woman when she tried to stop them from arresting her son for an outstanding warrant in 2010.

Reportedly, the woman’s mentally challenged son had called the police to their home. Although it is not clear why the son had called the police in the first place, once there the policemen attempted to arrest him for an outstanding warrant.

There was only one problem: the warrant was not for him, but was for another person with a similar name.

The mother claimed that the police officers shoved her to the ground while they attempted to arrest her son. She alleged she suffered a fractured back and ring finger as a result of the melee.
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The parents of a three-year-old girl are claiming that their daughter may have been molested and injured by another child at Miss Meeka’s Enrichment Center day care in Lake Alfred due to a lack of staff supervision. They have filed a lawsuit against the center seeking unspecified damages.

The attorney for the parents alleges that the little girl told her parents that an older child at the day care inappropriately touched her and that the encounter left the little girl with a laceration. A Polk County Sheriff’s Office investigation concluded that another child probably injured the girl, but that supervision at the day care center had been sufficient. No criminal charges were ever filed.

According to The Lakeland Ledger, the center was cited five times last year for not having adequate supervision or having mandated teacher-to-student ratios. In just October, the Florida Department of Children and Families issued a citation to the day care center when an inspector found that a staffer had not adequately supervised children who were playing on age-inappropriate playground equipment.
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A verdict recently found by Palm Beach County jury awarded $1.7 million to a mentally challenged girl who was sexually assaulted on a county school bus in 2007 when she was only three years old.

The Palm Beach County School Board never denied that the girl had been raped by an emotionally disturbed 15-year-old boy on the bus, and fired the bus driver and an aide who were responsible for the girl’s safety. The aide was later convicted of child neglect and placed on probation.

If you believe that the negligence of another party has led to the physical or psychological harm of a loved one, the Palm Beach County personal injury lawyers at Farah & Farah want you to know that you may have legal options to see that those responsible are held liable for their actions.
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This may be a case in which the city of Orlando wishes it had left well enough alone.

The Orlando Taser injury lawyers at Farah & Farah reported in April of last year that a jury had awarded nearly $80,000 to a woman who had been slammed to the ground and Tasered outside the Citrus Bowl in 2003 by Orlando Police.

The woman sued the Orlando Police Department, contending they had violated her civil rights and had used excessive force. The jury agreed with her and awarded the woman $4,400 for medical expenses and $75,000 for pain and suffering.
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Were the lax policies and negligence of a Largo work-release facility responsible for the rape of a teen who was on her way to a school bus stop in late December? The Florida Department of Corrections made a surprise inspection of the facility to find out if changes need to be made.

The Largo work facility is the largest in the state – it also has the reputation for the most escapes, with over two-dozen per year for the past three years. The work-release facility houses some 280 inmates who are transitioning back into public life. They are still prisoners, but they are allowed to leave the facility to go to work.
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A youth football official, who suffered a fractured shoulder after he was beaten by coaches and players during an altercation at a youth football game at Riverview High School in August 2011, is suing the school district and three other organizations for damages.

The personal injury attorneys at Farah & Farah in Florida have found that the official and his wife, both residents of St. Petersburg, are seeking damages of more than $15,000 for injuries, hospital expenses, and lost income.

The melee occurred during a game between the Sarasota Gators and the North Port Husky’s when the official called a personal foul against one of the Husky’s players. A coach for the Gators apparently misunderstood the call and rushed on to the field. A scuffle ensued between the coach and the official, leading other Gator coaches and players to rush the official and to begin beating him.
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Saying it was a decision that “was not made lightly,” University of Florida (UF) administrators told cheerleaders at the school that they would no longer be able to perform acrobatic stunts or tumbles during games. The announcement came just one day before the last home football game.

Some cheerleaders on the UF squad attributed the decision to an Orlando Magic cheerleading accident that occurred three days before the announcement was made. During the Magic game, a cheerleader lost her footing while standing on a teammate’s shoulders and crashed on to the court. She suffered three fractured vertebrae and a broken rib.

A spokesman for the UF athletic association defended the decision. In an email statement sent to the Gainesville Sun, he stated, “Instead of waiting for a tragedy to occur, we are taking a proactive stance to protect cheerleaders, who represent the University of Florida with enthusiasm and class, and allow them to lead cheers at Gator games for years to come.”

Predictably, the decision was not popular among UF cheerleaders, who went on Twitter to voice their displeasure. One tweeted, “UF cheerleaders are no longer allowed to stunt and tumble … we aren’t a real sport now we are too dangerous?”.
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Citing conditions that it described as “deplorable,” the Florida of Department of Health (DOH) closed a Boca Raton compounding pharmacy, calling it an “immediate, serious danger” to the public.

The DOH inspector who filed the report on Rejuvi Pharmaceuticals Inc., stated that he had “never been as horrified by the conditions of a pharmacy department as he was by the conditions at Rejuvi.”

According to Health News Florida, the report said that the inspector found rodent feces, dead bugs, and a sink full of dirty water at the location. Also, a fine film covered surfaces in the compounding area, where containers of drugs were found open.

An attorney for the pharmacy said that they are victims of bad timing and that DOH may not have ordered an emergency suspension order under different circumstances. The inspection occurred as reports of sickness and deaths due to a fungal meningitis outbreak linked to a compounding pharmacy in Massachusetts continue to climb.
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