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Florida Motorcycle CrashAnti-Lock Braking Systems (ABS), which are now standard on cars, are increasingly becoming an option for motorcycles. While the technology may seem new for motorcycles, in actuality, it is not. BMW has offered ABS on production motorcycles since 1988 and now offers ABS as a standard feature on all of its motorcycles.

But, many motorcyclists are still unconvinced as to the benefits of the technology or are simply not aware of what ABS has to offer.

What ABS does is sense wheel rotation, and if the wheel reduces speed excessively during braking, it pulses the brake pressure to prevent the wheels from locking up. In an emergency braking situation, wheel lock-up is what causes the rider to lose control and go down. By preventing the wheels from locking up, ABS allows a motorcyclist to keep his or her bike upright and straight while braking.
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The motorcycle accident attorneys at Farah & Farah in Jacksonville have learned that a 79-year-old Ormond Beach man has been sentenced to five years probation in a deadly hit-and-run accident that killed a motorcyclist last year.

The accident occurred during the world-renowned “Bike Week” in Daytona Beach.

The elderly man had been accused of turning left into the path of a motorcycle driven by a 42-year-old New York resident. He struck the rear of the motorcycle at U.S. 1 and Airport Road in Ormond Beach.

The motorcyclist was rushed to Halifax Health Medical Center in Daytona Beach, but died the next day from his injuries. It was determined that the motorcyclist did not have any alcohol in his system at the time of the accident.

According to the Daytona Beach News-Journal, the elderly man fled the scene of the accident. His wife, who was a passenger in the vehicle, testified that she urged her husband to stop, but that he kept driving until they got home. She said that he then got undressed and sat in front of the computer until police arrived.
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A 46-year-old man has been charged with several DUI charges including manslaughter related to a December crash that killed a New Port Richey woman who was a passenger on a moped. The driver of the 2004 Lincoln hit the moped December 15, 2010 about 9:30 p.m. on U.S. 19 near Bougenville Drive. While the moped’s driver was seriously injured and has since undergone several brain surgeries, his 27-year-old female passenger was killed. The Lincoln driver had a blood alcohol level of 0.095 and considered impaired as Florida’s standard for intoxicated is 0.08. Beside DUI manslaughter, the man is facing DUI with property damage, and DUI with serious bodily injury. He remains jailed with his bail set at $16,000.

No Helmet Required
We do not know the specifics of this moped collision, however on July 1, 2000, the state of Florida exempted adult motorcyclist and moped riders from wearing helmets if they have medical insurance of at least $10,000. That led to a 48% increase in motorcycle occupant deaths, according to the National Institutes of Health.
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The Gainesville Sun reports that the Florida Highway Patrol (FHP) wants the public’s help in solving a mysterious hit-and-run crash involving a Gainesville motorcyclist who was killed on U.S. 441 in May 2010. The 27-year-old motorcyclist was struck by a white Chevy or Ford pickup that had large tires, chrome rims, and may have been suspended. After the accident, it would have had damage on the right front bumper from where the pickup hit the motorcyclist’s bike from behind. The rider was ejected from the bike and landed about 10 feet from the edge of the highway. The FHP report says he was not wearing a helmet and the pickup truck driver left the scene. Anyone with information is asked to call Cpl. W.J. Berger at 1-800-387-1290, extension 120 or 955-3181 extension 310.

Our condolences go out to the friends and family of the motorcyclist for their loss.
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WBPF- Television in Palm Beach Gardens, reports that a 58-year-old motorcyclist from Stuart died after his bike slammed into the back of a disabled vehicle in the northbound lane of I-95 north of the Donald Ross Road exit. According to the Florida Highway Patrol (FHP), the accident occurred when the biker did not slow down with the traffic ahead and instead hit the back of a disabled Toyota Corolla that was being moved onto the median at about 4 p.m. on Wednesday, February 23. The biker was taken to St. Mary’s Medical Center after being thrown from the bike. He later died, while the Toyota driver was not injured.

Our condolences are extended to the family and friends of the man lost in this tragic crash.

We have no word from this article whether the motorcyclist was wearing a helmet. Beginning in 2000, Florida removed any legal requirements for motorcyclists to wear helmets. As it stands now, a biker must wear a helmet only when he is under the age of 21 and does not have medical insurance coverage of at least $10,000.
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A 55-year-old Kissimmee man died Sunday afternoon when he lost control of the motorcycle he was driving. The St. Petersburg Times reports the accident happened just west of Brooksville near B.W. Stevenson Road. According to the Florida High Patrol, the man was traveling east on Cortez Boulevard. He lost control of his 2000 Harley-Davidson motorcycle on a curve, hitting a concrete median and a reflective pole before the bike left the highway. The man was thrown from the motorcycle. Hernando County Fire Rescue pronounced him dead at the scene. The FHP said the man was not wearing a helmet. It’s unknown whether alcohol was a factor in the accident.

Our condolences for the loss of this man go out to his family and friends.

Motorcycle Accident Statistics
According to Florida Highway Patrol statistics from 2008, there were 9,618 motorcycle crashes that year. 17.8% of all traffic fatalities affected motorcycle drivers and their passengers. While the number of these fatalities was down from 2007 by 3.3%, 532 motorcyclists and passengers were killed in 2008. 45% of those victims were not wearing helmets.
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A Sarasota man has died after a motorcycle wreck in Jacksonville this week.

The 40-year-old was hospitalized after the wreck on New Berlin Road in Jacksonville on Tuesday.

The man reportedly lost control of his Kawasaki, while traveling north around 2:15 p.m. He was wearing a helmet say police and there were no other vehicles involved in the crash. The man hit a guard rail and was thrown from the bike. He was pronounced dead at the hospital Thursday night.

In another motorcycle accident in Jacksonville a motorcycle and car collided Thursday night. A 59-year old man was on his Harley when it collided with a Honda Civic at New Kings Road and I-295. Police report the vehicle turned in front of the motorcycle as it was attempting to enter I-295. The rider was thrown from the motorcycle. He was not wearing his helmet. He is listed in critical condition at Shands. The driver and passenger in the Civic were wearing their seat belts and were not injured.
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With a population of about 10,800 as of July 2007 estimates, Palatka, Florida has a population density of about 1,553 people located within its 6.96 square mile, city limits. Located in Putnam County, Palatka is a city of commuter residents, with only about 20% of its residents both living and working within the city limits. As such, traffic in Palatka is an issue that all residents have to deal with. Unfortunately, with such an influx of traffic entering and exiting Palatka, vehicular accidents are bound to occur. Motorcycle accidents are one type of accident in particular that afflicts a large number of motorists each year. Fortunately though, a skilled Palatka motorcycle accident attorney can assist an injured individual with all aspects of their personal injury case.

More often than they do in passenger car accidents, catastrophic injuries can render motorcycle accident victims forever impaired. When catastrophic accidents result in brain injury, injured motorists can experience significant setbacks. Hospital fees, physical therapy costs, and even wages lost, both past and future, may be sought from negligent parties that caused the accident. In such instances, it is critical that experienced Palatka brain injury attorneys are consulted so as to protect the rights of injured motorists in a court of law.
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The “Isle of Eight Flags” is home to Amelia City and Fernandina Beach, and is more commonly known as Amelia Island. Housing a population of a little more than 68,000 people, Amelia Island, Florida is part of the Sea Islands and is 18.2 square miles in land size. With tourism as the island’s main economic source, a large number of tourists and beach-goers visit Amelia Island each year.

Those unfamiliar with Amelia Island’s roads may not exercise the most cautious driving practices while visiting. While all vehicular accidents are dangerous, those involving motorcycles pose an even greater chance of injury occurring, particularly to a motorcyclist that does not have the luxury of being confined within the framework of a car to protect against impact. When such accidents occur, it is essential that an Amelia Island motorcycle accident lawyer is promptly consulted in order to ensure that the rights of the motorcyclist are not infringed upon as an accident victim.
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Like most coastal locales, Jacksonville Beach, Florida is a popular tourist location that attracts a large number of visitors each year. With a year-round population just shy of 22,000 as of July 2007, Jax Beach has seen a steady increase in its number of residents each year. Only 7.7 miles in land size, Jax Beach can quickly become congested with residents and visitors, particularly its roadways.

With so many people visiting Jacksonville Beach each year, multiple modes of transportation are often incorporated by motorists. Motorcycle travel is especially popular, especially while traveling along a picturesque coast. However, many motorists may not grant some motorcyclists the roadway respect that they rightfully deserve. Furthermore, with dangerous driving practices, such as illegal lane sharing, motorists absolutely have to be vigilant while operating their larger motor vehicles. When motorcycle accidents take place as a result of another driver’s negligence, a skilled Jacksonville Beach motorcycle accident lawyer can help injured victims seek compensation for property damage, medical bills, treatment, and many other expenses brought on by a serious injury.
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