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A 53-year-old Lake Worth man suffered serious injuries when his moped was rear-ended by a hit-and-run driver. According to a news report in The Sun Sentinel, the hit-and-run accident occurred on West Gateway Boulevard in Boynton Beach. Witnesses say the 52-year-old female driver tailgated the moped driver and struck him. He suffered serious injuries and was put on life support. She was told to return to the crash site by the witness, but instead fled the scene. She was arrested later that day in Lake Worth for leaving the scene of a crash with serious bodily injuries.

In Florida, drivers who are aware that they have been involved in an accident must remain at the scene. Under Florida Statute 316.061, drivers are not allowed to leave a crash site without first providing the name, address, registration information and driver’s license. Under Statute 316.027, drivers involved in an injury accident must stop immediately, exchange information and render reasonable assistance to the injured victim.
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Investigators are still looking for answers following a hit-and-run accident that left a St. Augustine woman in the hospital and one man in police custody. The trouble began Saturday morning just after 2 a.m. in the Krystal parking lot on U.S. 1 South. St. John’s County Sheriff reports that a man driving a blue truck was involved in a fight at a restaurant near the parking lot. Apparently, to avoid further trouble, the man got into a truck, accelerated rapidly in reverse and struck a pedestrian as well as a parked car in the process. The individual then fled the scene.
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Even though a 19-year-old woman who hit a bicyclist on U.S 98 and fled the scene had an alleged blood-alcohol level of 0.177 – over five times the legal limit for somebody her age – she won’t be charged with Florida DUI hit-and run.

The young woman is accused of hitting the bicyclist with her Chevrolet Cruze as he rode east on U.S. 98 at 3 a.m. in Santa Rosa County. According to the Florida Highway Patrol (FHP) the cyclist was struck from behind and his head and shoulders hit the windshield of the car and the bicycle was run over. The woman never stopped. Two motorists discovered the cyclist a half an hour later.

He was taken to Baptist Hospital where he was listed in fair condition with a skull fracture and deep cuts on his arm.

After calling her parents to pick her up near the scene of the accident, the teen’s father then drove her car to a local police substation at about 4:20 a.m. The accused showed up with her mother at about 4:49 a.m. – after allegedly stopping at McDonalds.
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A 54 year-old man who ran into a golf cart with his SUV and then fled the scene of the accident will have the next four years to think about his hit-and-run decision while in prison. He pled no-contest to two counts of leaving a crash scene with injuries.

The driver of the SUV, an insurance agent, was leaving the ACE Group classic golf tournament in February of 2010 when the accident occurred. He was driving 38 mph through the parking lot, without his lights on, when a golf cart crossed his path and he struck it. The three people in the cart were seriously injured.

According to a witness, the motorist did stop to ask the people in the cart if they were okay, but then climbed back into his SUV and took off. Although the driver of the SUV testified that he was going to get help, court records show he never looked back after leaving the crash scene and never called 911. He drove to his Estero home and kept his vehicle in his garage for the next two days.
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The Florida Highway Patrol (FHP) would like the public’s help in finding the person who hit a bicyclist in New Port Richey and left the scene. The incident happened about 1:30 a.m. on January 19 when the 27-year-old cyclist was traveling southbound on County Road. reports he was hit at a high rate of speed and the hit-and-run driver continued driving south. The man was taken to Bayonet Point Hospital and was later upgraded to guarded condition from serious.

Law enforcement is looking for a newer model two-door silver or gray car. It will have windshield and front end damage. A witness told the FHP the vehicle was seen at a Wal-Mart after the hit-and-run at Little Road and State Road 54. The car was being driven by a white female with brown hair in her late 20s wearing blue jeans and a tan shirt. She reportedly picked up a male passenger at the Wal-Mart. Anyone with information is asked to call FHP Trooper R. Evans at (813) 631-4020.
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A Mexican worker who came to the U.S. for a better life had his life cut short Christmas Day, December 25, because of a hit-and-run driver. WTSP-TV in Tampa reports that the field worker, who picked strawberries in Dover earlier that day, was riding his bicycle on Dover Sydney Road when a car hit him. According to the Florida Highway Patrol, the car stopped briefly, but then left the scene. The 20-year-old victim died at the scene. He had a baby on the way, and the television station reports friends and family say he worked hard so he could purchase phone cards and stay in touch with his family back in Mexico. He was in this country legally working for Florida Pacific Farms and had been doing so for three winters. Our condolences go out to his family and friends, and the co-workers who are said to be mourning his death.

The stretch of road where the bicyclist was killed has no paved shoulder on which to ride a bicycle and is narrow. The young man was hit and killed at 6:00 p.m. when it would have been getting dark, but Channel 10 reports there were witnesses who identified a green sedan as the vehicle involved. That car would have extensive damage to the windshield. Search_String=&URL=Ch0316/Sec027.htm&StatuteYear=2009
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This is a story reported by First Coast News in Jacksonville that is about an unusual scenario. A hit-and-run driver is being sought after he hit an airplane on Interstate 295. The plane had made an emergency landing Saturday night, December 3, around 10 p.m. The pilot from North Carolina was not injured. The red Ford pickup reportedly hit the plane’s wing as it sat on the I-295 South ramp to Interstate 95 North, but he kept on driving.

The pilot was flying a 2004 Cirrus single engine plane, according to the news channel. He and his passenger walked away, but still suffered about $1,500 in damage to the plane.

Hit-and-Run Crash

The Florida hit-and-run auto accident lawyers of Farah and Farah remind drivers they are required to talk to law enforcement if they are involved in any type of crash. Of course if there are injuries, they are expected to render aid. To do so may mean that they could save a life. To fail to do so may mean someone dies alone on the side of the road from their injuries.
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A driver who is accused of driving into a horse and rider in Ocala and leaving the scene was arrested November 13. The Florida hit-and-run accident happened around 4 p.m. at Northwest 35th Street and Northwest 130th Avenue in the town of Fellowship, according to a report in The Ocala Star-Banner. Unfortunately, the crash broke the horse’s leg and he had to be euthanized. The rider is hospitalized with minor injuries including a sprained ankle and bruises.

The story of what actually happened depends on who is recounting the events.

According to the Florida Highway Patrol, the 35-year-old suspect said he loaned his car to another driver and was not behind the wheel, but when police stopped him, he failed a field sobriety test. His blood alcohol measured .223, nearly three times the legal limit for intoxication and was taken hours after the accident. Law enforcement tracked him down after seeing a car with front-end damage and a shattered windshield. The driver then said he was distracted and hit the horse, but when the rider fell and got back on he drove off.
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According to a report on WESH-TV, a deputy from Seminole County was arrested on Thursday, October 6, and charged with leaving a crash scene where there were injuries. The deputy had slowed to avoid hitting a dog on Lake Emma Road in Lake Mary when his unmarked patrol car was hit by a motorcycle. Instead of stopping to render aid to the motorcyclist, the deputy left the scene. The deputy’s car sustained about $4,000 in damage, though the deputy’s story was that he didn’t know he had been hit.

Even though the Seminole County car accident happened one month ago the deputy was just arrested this week; WESH-TV does not mention why there was a delay. The officer has been suspended from his job. The motorcyclist was injured and suffered broken bones and cuts, and this story gives no explanation as to why he didn’t stop before hitting the officer’s car.

An investigation is continuing.
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All the Florida Highway Patrol (FHP) has to go on is a broken headlight and a front panel from a blue Toyota. That’s what remained after a car collided with a bicyclist in Orange County on Tuesday, October 4, on southbound John Young Parkway. The 21-year-old bicyclist was crossing the southbound lane on the left turn lane when the motorist, also southbound, hit the rider on the inside lane at Bear Bryant Drive. The motorist then left the scene.

So far, the FHP has no witnesses. The agency says charges are pending and could include reckless or careless driving under Florida law 316.192. Reckless is defined as speeding, driving under the influence, or racing. A fear of being charged is one of the reasons that Florida hit-and-run drivers leave the scene.
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