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A new 10 percent tax on tanning salons approved by the federal government kicked in last week and salon owners in Florida are angry. Florida Today reports that tanning salon owners say the federal tax will hurt their business in an economy that is already challenging. Until now, tanning salons had to tax products such as lotions sold in their shop, but they did not tax the use of the tanning beds.

The tanning tax will impact about 18,000 small businesses in the U.S. The ten percent tax could raise the cost of three months of unlimited tanning, which usually runs about $235, making it less affordable to young customers, who are primarily women.

Originally called a vanity tax, the tanning salon tax was debated in Congress before it was passed in December 2009. The vanity tax proposed a five percent tax on Botox injections and breast implants, but in the end, it was bumped to 10 percent tax on tanning and the Botox and cosmetic industry got off tax-free.
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A new study shows that hospital infections kill about 48,000 Americans every year, and that is a conservative estimate, according to the study. The research, out of the Washington D.C. think tank, Resources for the Future, finds that these are not infections that the patients would have caught anyway. Often the family of the deceased doesn’t realize that it was the hospital-acquired infection that took their loved one, such as pneumonia, not the initial illness that brought them to the hospital in the first place. “It is a staggering number and one that does not have to be,” said lead researcher, Ramanan Laxminarayan PhD, and MPH.

Most of the infections enter the body through catheters and ventilators. Some of the infections come from a bacterium that has been around for a long time, but there are an increasing number of infections that are resistant to antibiotics and are known as “superbugs.” The researchers drew their data from 69 million patients in 40 states between 1998 and 2006.
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Believe it or not, six people a day die from prescription drug overdoses in Florida. That is three times the numbers who die from illegal drugs. The problem is centered in South Florida.
Pain management clinics have sprung up and are largely an unregulated cash-only operation that is very lucrative for the fly-by-night operators and very dangerous from the addicts who buy, not just for themselves, but for the users they supply in the south, specifically Kentucky.

Popular medications include OxyContin, a pain medicine, and RoxyContin, similar to morphine and can be injected like heroin. Many pain management clinics are run by convicted felons or those with a history of drug-related crimes. Estimates reflect that there are about 900 pain clinics throughout Florida.
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This is a story that no one wants to experience, but medical malpractice in Florida and throughout the U.S. is real and far more common than the public realizes. A woman from Tampa felt there was too much bleeding after her dental surgery, and too much pain. There was a very good reason for that. Her dental surgeon had left a drill bit burr in her right maxillary sinus where it stayed for nearly a year as the 35-year-old held down a job and cared for her kids. The woman has since undergone surgery to have the drill bit removed.

We wish her a speedy recovery and the peace of mind knowing that a foreign object has been removed from her face.
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The 20-year-old was a good nurse. So when she was told to show up at Jacksonville Naval Hospital’s Mayport clinic in 2005, despite the fact that she had a cold and worsening headaches, she did so. But that decision turned deadly for a young pregnant woman.

An undiagnosed sinus infection became bacterial meningitis taking her life. Monday, December 28, 2009, the government finally settled with the family. Most of the $850,000 will go to her 4-year-old daughter who was delivered seven weeks early by C-section as he mother lay dying. The child will not go without, but she will go without her mother.

Our condolences to the family for their immense loss. It is a complete tragedy, especially considering that the failure-to-diagnose case is the third settled by the family’s attorney with this hospital.
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The city of Palatka rests in the county seat of Putnam County, Florida and currently approximates a population of 10,796 – a significant rise in births since the U.S. Census Bureau’s 2000 count. Many attractions involve Palatka residents, including a bluegrass music festival that occurs biannually, and Ravine Gardens State Park, which students of nearby St. Johns River Community College can visit to enjoy the scenery or study at. With two available Amtrak services and a local public-use airport to accommodate residential travel, the population of Palatka is an educated, busy city that continues to grow. However, from time to time, an accident can occur, such as birth injury or hospital malpractice, and these traumatic incidents can permanently affect the well-being of an individual or a family.

Birth injury will devastate a significant number of families each year, with an estimated six to eight newborns out of 1,000 having difficulty during the birthing procedure and suffering an injury. A certified physician has the responsibility to provide adequate and proper care for a patient about to give birth, including accurate diagnosis, identifying a future child at risk of stroke, and taking measures to prevent premature birth.
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St. Augustine, Florida is sometimes referred to as the “nation’s oldest city” since it is home to the oldest port in the continental United States. With an estimated population well over 12,157, St. Augustine is widely known for its lovely beaches, classic architecture, and museums that reflect the life and culture of early Spanish explorers who settled in the area. St. Augustine is also a popular tourist spot in Northern Florida. Considering all that St. Augustine has to offer and its continuous growth in population, it is an unfortunate reality that birth injury takes place from time to time due to medical negligence or hospital malpractice.

A birth injury can have overwhelming consequences for a family to endure. If a medical professional fails to act efficiently and in a timely manner during the birthing process, a newborn baby may suffer serious health problems, scarring, disfigurement, and even death. The mother may also be at risk of suffering harm or injury if a doctor or nurse acts negligently. After a birth injury, a family has a lot on their mind and only wants what is best for their baby. During such challenging times, some families may find it beneficial to seek legal counsel from a skilled St. Augustine birth injury attorney who can help fully explain their legal rights and options if that is what a family decides is best for them.
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A patient goes to a doctor for a medical procedure. Unfortunately, sometimes the outcome of that procedure is less than ideal. In an even smaller number of cases, the doctor may be guilty of medical malpractice, and failing to deliver the standard of care of a professional medical doctor. Patients may find themselves permanently injured and many decide to file a claim against the doctor.

In Georgia, the CEO of a Georgia medical services company, in an opinion piece in the newspaper, suggest those already injured should have to jump through one more hoop. It is a hoop that benefits the medical profession and insurance companies, not the injured. Instead of allowing victims of medical malpractice in Georgia their Constitutional right to a trial by jury, this author suggest that victims should have to appear before a “screening panel” comprised of members of the medical and insurance industries. Reminder- those are the same industries trying to avoid compensating injured patients.
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Situated in Northeast Clay County, the city of Orange Park is a suburb of Jacksonville, Florida. Orange Park has an estimated population of over 180,000 and has a high population density. In attracting visitors and new residents to its thriving community which is rich in history, Orange Park is a bustling region of Florida.

When taking Orange Park’s large population into consideration, birth injury has been known to occur due to the negligence of medical professionals or as the result of a different form of hospital malpractice. During such challenging times, families may find it helpful to seek legal guidance from experienced Orange Park birth injury attorneys who can help explain their legal rights and options.
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You go to the airport already a little tense about flying. Then comes the humiliation of a full-body scan – which essentially shows airport security personnel from the Transportation Security Administration or TSA most of the details of your body under your clothing. They are looking for any explosives or plastics so most people are willing to undergo the humiliation for the greater good.

TSA has insisted that there is no way to store or send these images and that the personnel will be secured out of sight of everyday passengers, so your dignity is maintained.

Now there is news from the Washington-based Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC), a public interest group focused on privacy that TSA can store and send your images. The group has obtained documents that TSA specified in 2008 that full-body scanners at airports must have the capability to store and send images. That opens up the possibility for abuse by TSA employees, EPIC’s director says. EPIC says the ability to store and send exists when the machines are in the test mode.
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