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In Florida, one doesn’t have to worry about the Love Bug biting, because the small black flies of the species Plecia nearctica don’t bite at all; but they can cause your car to overheat and can be a real pain in the grass.

Let us explain.

Twice each year – in spring (April to May) and late summer (August to September) -Florida’s famous (or infamous, depending on your perspective) Love Bugs go on a mating frenzy; and they mate while they are airborne. While we can hardly begrudge frolicking insects the simple joy of romance (the adults don’t even eat, so what else do they have left?), it does present a problem to Florida’s motorists when they swarm in the millions.

Since their larvae eat decaying vegetation, the adults tend to head for the sides of roadways and highways to lay eggs, where mowed vegetation lies in the Florida sun, decaying. There have been reports of accidents that occurred after large numbers of the amorous insects ended up as squashed lovers on passing motorists windshields, completely obscuring their view of the road. There have also been anecdotes of the swarming insects clogging car radiators, causing vehicles to overheat.
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Florida Personal InjuryJacksonville is a popular place in summer. The city offers a number of well-known tourist attractions, like its 1,000-foot fishing pier, its museums, and its miles of beaches.

If you’re looking to get off the beaten path this summer without leaving the city, take a look at these unusual Jacksonville summer destinations:


Big Talbot Island is home to B.E.A.K.S., the Bird Emergency Aid and Kare Sanctuary. The organization’s mission is to foster injured wild birds, nursing them back to health and giving members of the public the chance to see these rare and beautiful creatures up close. B.E.A.K.S. is open to the public Tuesday through Sunday from noon until 4 p.m. Kids and adults who love wildlife or want to know more about volunteering for a great cause can enjoy the educational programs and sights while spending a day on the island.
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