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With a population of about 10,800 as of July 2007 estimates, Palatka, Florida has a population density of about 1,553 people located within its 6.96 square mile, city limits. Located in Putnam County, Palatka is a city of commuter residents, with only about 20% of its residents both living and working within the city limits. As such, traffic in Palatka is an issue that all residents have to deal with. Unfortunately, with such an influx of traffic entering and exiting Palatka, vehicular accidents are bound to occur. Motorcycle accidents are one type of accident in particular that afflicts a large number of motorists each year. Fortunately though, a skilled Palatka motorcycle accident attorney can assist an injured individual with all aspects of their personal injury case.

More often than they do in passenger car accidents, catastrophic injuries can render motorcycle accident victims forever impaired. When catastrophic accidents result in brain injury, injured motorists can experience significant setbacks. Hospital fees, physical therapy costs, and even wages lost, both past and future, may be sought from negligent parties that caused the accident. In such instances, it is critical that experienced Palatka brain injury attorneys are consulted so as to protect the rights of injured motorists in a court of law.
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The “Isle of Eight Flags” is home to Amelia City and Fernandina Beach, and is more commonly known as Amelia Island. Housing a population of a little more than 68,000 people, Amelia Island, Florida is part of the Sea Islands and is 18.2 square miles in land size. With tourism as the island’s main economic source, a large number of tourists and beach-goers visit Amelia Island each year.

Those unfamiliar with Amelia Island’s roads may not exercise the most cautious driving practices while visiting. While all vehicular accidents are dangerous, those involving motorcycles pose an even greater chance of injury occurring, particularly to a motorcyclist that does not have the luxury of being confined within the framework of a car to protect against impact. When such accidents occur, it is essential that an Amelia Island motorcycle accident lawyer is promptly consulted in order to ensure that the rights of the motorcyclist are not infringed upon as an accident victim.
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Like most coastal locales, Jacksonville Beach, Florida is a popular tourist location that attracts a large number of visitors each year. With a year-round population just shy of 22,000 as of July 2007, Jax Beach has seen a steady increase in its number of residents each year. Only 7.7 miles in land size, Jax Beach can quickly become congested with residents and visitors, particularly its roadways.

With so many people visiting Jacksonville Beach each year, multiple modes of transportation are often incorporated by motorists. Motorcycle travel is especially popular, especially while traveling along a picturesque coast. However, many motorists may not grant some motorcyclists the roadway respect that they rightfully deserve. Furthermore, with dangerous driving practices, such as illegal lane sharing, motorists absolutely have to be vigilant while operating their larger motor vehicles. When motorcycle accidents take place as a result of another driver’s negligence, a skilled Jacksonville Beach motorcycle accident lawyer can help injured victims seek compensation for property damage, medical bills, treatment, and many other expenses brought on by a serious injury.
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Jacksonville, Florida is the 12th most populated city in the United States. Housing a little more than 800,000 people at the time of the 2007 U.S. Census, Jacksonville is one of the more popular points of interest in Florida. With a total area of 874.3 square miles, Jacksonville hosts a nice mix of residents, vacationers, and passers-through each and every year.

Commuting in Jacksonville is essential for a variety of reasons. Residents may find themselves commuting to work, vacationers may find themselves commuting to a tourist spot, and passers-through may simply travel over Jacksonville roads while on the way to another location. Regardless, Jacksonville’s roads and highways can be congested places, and alternative methods to traditional automobile travel are often adopted by numerous individuals. Motorcycle travel is one such method of alternative transportation in Jacksonville, and when motorcyclists are injured due to another motorist’s negligence, the cyclist may need the legal advice and assistance of a skilled Jacksonville motorcycle accident lawyer.
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Often referred to as the “Gateway to Florida,” Lake City is located in Columbia County and has become a much desired tourist attraction as well as a stop for those on their way to Southern Florida. Lake City has a population of approximately 12,000 and is situated in a county whose population is only increasing (Columbia County has close to 68,000 inhabitants as of 2006). Within its densely populated area, Lake City comes into contact with its degree of motorcycle accidents as a result of negligent motorists failing to see motorcyclists on the road. When another driver’s negligence causes a motorcyclist to suffer catastrophic injuries, the motorcyclist may be able to seek compensation with the assistance of a skilled Lake City motorcycle accident attorney.

Motorcycle collisions in Lake City can have serious repercussions on a motorcyclist, drastically affecting an injured victim’s quality of life for many years. Brain injuries are one of the most frequent afflictions that affect motorcyclists. The experienced brain injury attorneys at Farah and Farah have been assisting motorcycle victims and other personal injury victims obtain the compensation they need to receive proper medical attention and rehabilitative care after a brain injury.
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Located in Northeast Clay County, Orange Park is a suburb of Jacksonville situated just south of Jacksonville, Florida. As a lively community rich in history and culture, Orange Park has a great deal to offer. Clay County, which Orange Park is located in, is also a bustling region of Florida. With a population in excess of 180,000 and a high population density, hundreds of residents and visitors take part in the pleasure and thrill of riding motorcycles. Similar to many densely populated cities, Orange Park is not immune to motorcycle accidents that are caused by negligent motorists failing to yield to motorcyclists or even see them on the road.

At Farah and Farah, our skilled Orange Park motorcycle injury lawyers have devoted many years to protecting the rights of motorcycle accident victims. When another driver’s negligence causes a motorcyclist to suffer serious injuries, the motorcyclist may be able to seek compensation to help pay for loss of wages, pain and suffering, medical treatment, and many other financial burdens brought on by a serious injury.
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The prominent community of St. Augustine boasts being home to the oldest port in the continental United States and finds itself often referred to as “the nation’s oldest city.” The estimated population of St. Augustine was 12,157 in 2004. With its museums that reflect life of the early Spanish explorers who settled in St. Augustine, beautiful beaches and classic architecture, the city continues to attract numerous tourists in Northern Florida. Considering that St. Augustine is situated approximately 40 miles south of Jacksonville and 60 miles north of Daytona Beach just 5 miles east of Interstate 95, one can only imagine just how many residents and passersby traverse through the area.

With a region that encompasses such a vast area and a population that is only increasing, St. Augustine experiences its share of motorcycle accidents as a result of negligent motorists failing to see motorcyclists on the road. When another driver’s negligence causes a motorcyclist to suffer serious injuries, the motorcyclist may be able to seek compensation with the help of an experienced St. Augustine motorcycle accident lawyer.
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Located about thirty miles north of Florida, the city of Brunswick is situated in southeastern Georgia. Nicknamed “the shrimp capital of the world,” the area is also well-known for being the center of Georgia’s shrimp and crab industries. Home to the fourth-largest automobile port in the eastern United States, the city’s economy encompasses agricultural processing, manufacturing, and bulk cargoes. In 2007, the city proper had an approximate population of 16,235 and an estimated metropolitan population of 101,792.

Brunswick’s metropolitan area is the twelfth-largest in the state of Georgia and includes the counties of Glynn, Brantley, and McIntosh. With a region that encompasses such a large area and a population that is on the rise, a handful of residents and visitors alike who ride motorcycles may find themselves involved in a motorcycle accident at no fault of their own. When another driver’s negligence causes a motorcyclist to suffer serious injuries, the motorcyclist may be able to seek compensation with the help of a skilled Brunswick, Georgia motorcycle accident attorney.
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This is a story that is quite controversial in Jacksonville and raises some interesting issues.
When a DUI crash injures the driver permanently, confining him to a life in a wheelchair, should he be charged with DUI? And although it shouldn’t matter, the person in question happens to be the son of a Chief Judge.

The 25-year-old driver was driving toward Jacksonville Beach last December, when he tried to exit off J. Turner Butler Boulevard onto the Marsh Landing Parkway exit. The young man flipped his truck and he was ejected from the vehicle. He was taken by life-flight to the hospital and spent months clinging to life. No one knew if he had permanent brain damage.
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A man lost control on a motorcycle early Thursday morning on the State Road 312 bridge in St. Augustine, according to police.

He was reportedly racing a car on the well-traveled bridge when he lost control around 1 a.m. But this time the rider was lucky. He was flown to Shands Medical Center in Jacksonville and had a possible broken arm and leg. No word on whether he was wearing a helmet.

Charges may be pending against the motorcyclist. There is no word on what happened to the car he was racing. This was the third crash on the SR-312 bridge this week.
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