Carnival Cruise from Hell Sparks Talk of Legal Action

Some passengers on the Carnival cruise ship, Fascination, told Channel 4 in Jacksonville that they are considering legal action because the ship took off from the Jacksonville port knowing there was bad weather ahead.

A woman from Illinois says the cruise line put her and her friends in danger when the ship took off Thursday, October 6 for a four-day trip to the Bahamas, encountering severe weather along the way. She says waves crashed into the ship as high as the windows and about 2,000 passengers had to skip a port of call, faced delays in catching flights back, fainted, and became ill all over the rocking ship. The tide was too high to allow the ship to pass under the Dames Point Bridge and they had to dock at the cargo terminal, causing further delays. Other passengers say doors were being blown in off their hinges from the wind, dinner plates were falling on the floor, and shop shelves were collapsing. The captain decided to continue despite this weather.

The woman is demanding a refund, saying the captain should have been able to predict the dangerous weather. However, the fine print in the Carnival cruise tickets says refunds are not issued. Many consumers may not realize when they sign the ticket they are agreeing to the fine print on the back. Carnival can alter the ship’s course, decide whether or not to skip ports, and alter the activities on the ship due to bad weather. Trip insurance may be the only remedy for those who lose money due to a Jacksonville cruise accident.

Most passengers who had commented on the website said they would like their money back and will never travel on Carnival again.