Cargill Faces Lawsuits Over Salmonella-Contaminated Turkey

Five supermarkets in Florida received some of the turkey contaminated with salmonella that was recalled last week. The stores are Winn-Dixie, Albertsons,IGA, Walmart, and Aldi. The meat was removed from store shelves. The type of salmonella identified by inspectors was Heidelberg and it was suspected to have contaminated 36 million pounds of ground turkey processed from February 20 to August 2. Cargill’s plant is in Springdale, Arkansas, though the source of the contamination was not identified by The Sun Sentinel. The salmonella Heidelberg strain is resistant to antibiotics.

One person has died and 107 from 31 states including Texas, Ohio, Illinois, and Michigan were sickened from eating the turkey. There were no sicknesses reported in Florida.

Consumers who may still have some of the meat in their freezer can return the food for a refund or call Cargill at 1-888-812-1646 or go to The recalls brands include Honeysuckle White, Shady Brook Farms, Fit & Active and Giant Eagle.

Cargill is facing a number of lawsuits over the salmonella-contaminated turkey including one filed by the parents of a 10-month-old girl who ate spaghetti and meat balls containing ground turkey. The baby had diarrhea and a fever of 102-degrees and the bacteria was in her bloodstream. She was hospitalized for seven days.

Cargill has a history of recalls associated with contaminated food going back to 1993, reports Consumer Affairs. Industrialized farming concentrates livestock in conditions that are far removed from natural and antibiotics are put in livestock feed to fight off disease from the unnatural conditions and to encourage growth of the animals. That makes the bacteria evolve to be resistant to the antibiotics used.

It’s no wonder people are returning to locally grown food in season produced by farmers they can meet who feel responsible toward their customers. We encourage people to visit the farmer’s markets that are cropping up all around Florida and the Jacksonville area to lend them you support and vote for clean food with your buying dollar.

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