Careless Driver Kills, 27 Days Later She’s Arrested Again

If you had a loved one who was hit by a car in an auto accident and killed, wouldn’t you hope the driver would be arrested? Especially if it wasn’t the first time they hurt someone while behind the wheel?

An article on details the story of Maria Fonsica was driving on August 12, when troopers say she veered off the road and onto the shoulder, hitting and killing Terrance Fowler. She was charged with careless driving, not a criminal violation.

Then 27 days later she was pulled over again. This time, Fonsica was issued three citations including speeding 71 miles an hour in a 45 mile per hour zone and cutting in and out of traffic.

And that’s not all – Fonsica has 16 citations in all that date back 20 years. She has been behind the wheel on countless occasions displaying driving habits such as running a stop sign, seatbelt violations and speeding.

Now she is set for sentencing in January. Her attorney says “She’s very distraught by the crash, very sorry it happened and very sympathetic to the family, and she certainly wants the family to understand that,” according to Paul Shorstein who spoke to First Coast News.

The judge in her sentencing will have the option to consider her driving record as a whole.

Florida law establishes a point system to determine if you are qualified to operate a motor vehicle. If she has accrued a number of infractions, she will accrue points that can be added up for driving recklessly, moving violations, exceeding the posted speed limit by 16 mph or more and ignoring traffic signals.

More than 12 points and Fonsica must have her license suspended.

Causing an auto accident in Florida while speeding results in the highest number of points that should at least lead to a license suspension. Unfortunately she was only charged with careless driving in the death of Fowler.

Manslaughter charges resulting from operating a motor vehicle, along with other reckless behavior behind the wheel can lead to a habitual traffic offender charge resulting in a five year driver’s license revocation.

Let’s hope that he considers revoking her license to drive. Just how many chances will this woman get? Remember – driving is not a right, it’s a privilege.

Fatal auto accidents kill about 40,000 people in the U.S. every year. At Farah and Farah we see too many momentary lapses of judgment that change a life forever. You almost can’t imagine it unless it has happened to you. Let’s keep the Fonsica’s of the world off the road whenever we can.

Fowler will be remembered at a memorial softball tournament the evening of December 20th. He belonged to a traveling softball team.

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